Convention Activities

Contests and entry forms

  • AMV Contest

    Kumoricon's international anime music video competition. Editors from around the world compete in different categories that are judged by the audience during the contest.

  • Art Show

    Showcasing a variety of artists' works. Walk through and bid on unique art pieces!

  • Cosplay Chess

    Come see your favorite characters battle it on a giant chessboard stage! Attendees in cosplay serve as the pieces, and at the direction of two chess masters, will move, fight and die, live on stage.

  • Cosplay Contest

    Whether you prefer competing as a contestant on stage or viewing the skits and costumes from the audience, the Cosplay Competition is Kumoricon's main costume event where entrants compete for recognition and top prizes.

  • Cosplay Lingerie Show

    Let's spice things up with the Cosplay Lingerie Show! Come and strut your stuff down the runway in this show! All shapes, sizes, and body types are welcome!

  • Cosplay Lip Sync Showdown

    You asked for it and we're here to deliver! Join us for the Cosplay Lip Sync Showdown, where cosplayers of all ages get on stage and lip-sync for their lives.

  • Fan Art Contest

    Artists and art enthusiasts! Enter your masterpiece, and join us at the con to get critiques from the judges, and tips and tricks from fellow artists.

  • Fan Fiction Contest

    Have a story you've been dying to share? Show us what you've got!

  • Fan Panels

    Fans show and express their passions by hosting panels to discuss their favorite subjects. Whether it be anime, games, manga, or cosplay, there's always a variety!

    Apply to present a panel!

  • Fashion Show

    Kumoricon is seeking models for this year's Fashion Show!

  • Gunpla Lounge

    The Gunpla Lounge is a place to hang out and build Gundam models. We'll have tools you can use, award-winning Gunpla professionals you can consult for tips, and possibly some witty mecha banter, available all weekend.

  • Idol Festival

    Do you enjoy watching J-pop and K-pop performers show off their dance moves? Are you a fan of idol anime? Then come cheer on your favorite idol group at the first ever Kumoricon Idol Festival, or show off a few moves of your own.

  • Karaoke Contest

    Come sing your heart out, or have a seat and relax, but most importantly, enjoy the music!

  • Mascot Contest

    Artists, here's your chance to make your work a part of Kumoricon!


  • Anime Viewing Rooms

    Want to get inspired to watch new shows? Looking for somewhere quiet to take a break from the roaring crowds? Stop by our anime viewing rooms too watch some oldies, some newbies, and some things in between.

  • Charity Auction

    Place your bid on rare collectors' items, unique and signed paraphernalia, and all the proceeds go to a great cause.

  • Chibi Room

    The Chibi Room is a place for exploring the natural cultural curiosity of children and teens through simple arts and crafts. Come join in the fun and enjoy taking your creations home!

  • Fan Creation Workshops

    Looking for something a little more hands on? A little more interactive? Fans host a variety of workshops that let you test out their lessons.

  • Ghost Neko's Purranormal Maid Café

    We kindly invite you to Kumoricon's Maid Café! Sessions combine a sampling of a Japanese maid cafe experience with the community of an American convention, presented as a special dining event.

  • Guests of Honor

    Coming from all over the world, Kumoricon brings together industry professionals and celebrities to help us host a truly unique and exciting show!

  • Industry panels

    Hear what's the latest and greatest coming from our industry guests!

  • Manga Library

    Come sit, relax, and read your favorite manga in Kumoricon's very own manga library! It's a great place to take a break from all the con chaos!

  • Photobooth

    Get your photo taken in front of a simple backdrop at no cost to you. Kumoricon is filled with so many keepsake moments, and we are happy to help you relive and treasure your Kumoricon memories.


  • Play and Win

    Do you like playing tabletop games? Do you like free things? Everyone who plays one of our Play and Win games is entered into a drawing for that game at the end of con.

  • Tabletop Gaming

    Not your typical round of cards, our Tabletop Gaming team brings folks together to play tournaments, run drafts, and help out beginners who just want to try their hand at a new game.

  • Video Gaming

    Running nonstop, our Video Gaming department boasts one one of the largest video game collections in the area and will be hosting tournaments all weekend!


  • Artist Alley

    Artists, local and from around the country, have come together to showcase their incredible art inspired by your favorite shows, games, and movies. Located within our KumoriMarket.

  • Exhibitors

    Visit the Exhibitor Area of KumoriMarket for figures, apparel, and officially licensed merchandise; unique items; and so much more!

  • Small Press

    The Small Press, part of KumoriMarket, welcomes freelance artists and creators who focus on original art, including fashion apparel, tabletop games, web comics, and plushies.

… and more!