Ghost Neko and Friends

We are excited to announce Kumoricon's official Brand Ambassadors, Cosplay Coven! In an attempt to incorporate more of our local cosplay community, we noticed the hard work and passion for our newest mascot Ghost Neko, and just had to invite members of our community for this collaboration. You will find that their personality and quirkiness are a perfect fit for our crazy work. Take this ride with us and see the epic adventures we have in store! This page will house our Ghost Neko group, and you might just see some friends pay a visit on occasion.

Cosplay Coven photoCosplay Coven photo

The Cosplay Coven was formed in 2017 when the members came together and had the idea of starting this group of close-knit friends to cosplay with while providing positivity and support for each other. Together they have pushed their individual skills and abilities working as a team to bring their ideas to life. The Cosplay Coven has hosted panels, created a variety of costumes, started a podcast, and performed on stage together many times over the last few years. The group wants to share their love of cosplay with the community by providing fun and engaging entertainment with a focus on support and positivity. Most of the content the Cosplay Coven creates is to bring people together or to share their knowledge and experience to help our community grow in positive ways.

It was also in 2017 that the Cosplay Coven fell in love with the Kumoricon Ghost Neko, creating kigurumis based off the plushie. Their obsession didn't stop there and the Cosplay Coven has made new costumes every year since. Now working with Kumoricon itself the Cosplay Coven gets to perform skits, host panels, and be directly involved with the local community. Even more Ghost Neko goodness is in store for the future!