Kumoricon 2019

Ghost Neko’s Purranormal Maid Café

Ghost Neko's Purranormal Maid Café

We are preparing a special menu for this event. Once this menu is ready, we will open online reservations!

We kindly invite you to Kumoricon's premier Maid Café at the DoubleTree by Hilton, with sessions running Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Each session combines a sampling of a Japanese maid cafe experience with the community of an American convention, presented as a special dining event.

Ghost Neko's Purranormal Maid Café offers more than just refreshments. Each table is under the dedicated attention of a Maid or Butler, with games, live entertainment, and personalized service. The Maid Café is a great place to grab a meal, or snack, between panels, away from the crowds at the OCC. Memorialize your experience with an exclusive photo from our staff, with proceeds from games and photos going directly to The Greeney Family Fund for Japanese Track Scholarships at The International School, and Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Reserve your seats early to lock in your table!

The Maid Café offers both pre-booked and on-site reservations, as well as accommodating walk-ins, subject to seat availability. Parties may be grouped together when seated.

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Ghost Neko's Purranormal Maid Café on Instagram

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Hours of Operation

Stay tuned for more information.

Guest Rules

  • To attend the Maid Café you must have a Kumoricon 2019 badge.
  • Guests must follow Kumoricon's Code of Conduct.
  • Guests may only be in the Café during the session at which they hold a reservation or ticket.
  • No photos, video, or other forms of recording are allowed within the Café. To remember your experience, you may donate to have a photo taken of you or your group. Photos are $3 per photo and $1 per additional Maid Café staff.
  • No outside food or drink in the Café.
  • No touching Maid Café staff.


Menu to be posted soon!

  • Your first drink is included with the price of admission.
  • Appetizers and desserts range from $5-$7; drink refills range from $3-$6; a $5 minimum is required per person.

Please notify your Maid Café staff of any allergies or food sensitivities prior to ordering.

Payment and Donations

  • There is a $5 entry fee for all reservations and seatings.
  • Payment for all food and drinks is executed by the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland. Gratuity for your meal is included in the price.
  • Each table has the option to split payment into up to a maximum of 2 credit cards and the remainder in cash. (Smaller groups may be combined with larger groups, so cash is highly recommended.)
  • We prefer to provide one bill per table. If you require a split bill, please notify your Maid Café staff member at the time you order. This will help you receive your bill in a timely manner.

Reservation Guidelines

  • Reservations can be made online until Saturday, November 2, 2019.
  • In addition to walk-in tickets, at-con reservations may be made at the entrance to the Maid Café if space is still available for a later session. When making an at-con reservation, please be prepared to provide name, phone number, number of guests, and any accommodations or requests. (Ex: We have a wheelchair, I have a service animal, etc.)
  • The $5 reservation fee is due at the time of reservation, and is per-person and non-refundable.
  • Reservations that do not arrive with the full party within 15 minutes of the reservation will not be fulfilled, unless prior notification or contact has been made.
  • If you miss your reservation, it does not transfer over to the next seating, nor place you near the front of the walk-ins.

Table Availability

  • Walk-ins
    • Tables are given to people with reservations first. Smaller groups may be asked to pair with another group to use the most amount of seats per sitting.
    • After 15 minutes past the reservation time, walk-ins may be accepted subject to availability of our Maid and Butler staff.
    • Walk-ins will be seated in groups of five, when possible.
    • Walk-ins are taken first-come, first-served for the first party at a table, but in order to create a table of ten, we may bump a smaller group ahead in line to bring the table to five guests.
    • Walk-ins are not guaranteed to be seated. Depending on Maid and Butler staff availability, we may be required to turn away some waiting walk-in guests.
  • Groups larger than nine
    • Groups larger than nine will be split, subject to seating availability and table arrangements. We limit tables to nine guests in order to ensure that each Maid and Butler can dedicate their attention to everyone at the table.
  • Accessibility accommodations
    • We are very happy to accommodate wheelchair seating at the Maid Café. In order to best assist us in preparing accommodations, please inform us of your wheelchair seating during your reservation or purchase, or as soon as you become aware of your requirement.
    • Guests with disabilities and up to one companion may be given advance priority seating. Please inform us when arriving to the walk-in queue.

We are very happy to answer additional questions at

Interested in staffing for the Maid Café? We have positions available! Please see our Open Positions page for more details! Applications close June 14!