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Fan Art Contest


  • Entries must be traditional art (drawings, painting, digital art, collage, and sculpture); no photo manipulation or photography. Scans, photos of traditional art, and digital submissions will be accepted online.
  • Works either need to be of anime/manga style or works based upon anime, manga, or Asian culture/pop culture.
  • Original characters are allowed, but must be drawn in a manga/anime style.
  • The person submitting the piece must be the person who created the piece. No tracing or recoloring of another person's art.
  • Please keep the art appropriate for all ages.
  • Entries previously entered in any Kumoricon Fan Art Contests are not eligible.
  • Only completed works are allowed to be entered. Sketches are allowed as long as they are refined.
  • You must have the text "DigiKumo 2020" visible in your art (e.g. adding it after your signature).


These are suggestions; actual categories depend on the number of entries received. The judges reserve the right to combine or create other categories as they see fit. (Just because you are the only one submitting in a category does not mean you win by default.)

  • Black and White
  • Color
    • Best use of traditional medias
    • Best use of digital medias
  • Oekaki (digitally created art)
  • Best Composition
  • Best Fan Art
  • Best Original Character
  • Judges' Choice


  • All entries must be received by 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.
  • Your art must be included and uploaded in digital form with your entry.

Use the form below to submit digital files. Please make a separate submission for each entry.

Please email fanart@kumoricon.org for any questions.