Fan Art Contest

Rules listed below were for the Kumoricon 2023 Fan Art Contest. Rules may be changed before entries for the 2024 Fan Art Contest open. Please review the final rules before entering.

Entry galleries for previous contests

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  • Entries must be traditional art (drawings, painting, digital art, collage, and sculpture); not photo manipulated, AI-generated, or photography pieces. Scans, photos of traditional art, and digital works will be accepted online.
  • Works either need to be of anime/manga style or works based upon anime, manga, or Asian culture/pop culture.
  • Original characters are allowed, but must be drawn in a manga/anime style.
  • The person entering the piece must be the person who created the piece. No tracing or recoloring of another person's art.
  • All work should be original. If references are used, it should be obvious that the piece as a whole has been transformed and is not a direct copy of other photos or artwork.
  • Please indicate whether or not your work contains nudity or profanity.
  • Entries previously entered in any Kumoricon Fan Art Contests are not eligible.
  • Only completed works are allowed to be entered. Sketches are allowed as long as they are refined.


These are general categories. Depending on the number of entries received, the judges reserve the right to combine or create other categories as they see fit. (Just because you are the only one entering in a category does not mean you win by default.)

  • Color
  • Black and White
  • Line Art
  • Judge's Challenge*
  • Conventional Materials
  • Non-Conventional Materials
  • Digital Materials

*Please see the Judge's Challenge section below for criteria on this year's entries.

Judge's Challenge

Want an additional challenge, or just don't know what to draw? The judges have created a new category just for you! This category is optional, and can be completed either on its own or as an additional entry into the contest. Entries for this category must be in color, with a background (no characters floating in a white void).

This year's challenge: Draw your favorite anime or manga character using the theme "Living in a Magical Girl Universe".

How to enter

  • Hard copies will be accepted at the convention at the Programming Office. The best care will be taken of your art, but Kumoricon is not responsible if damage or loss happens while judging.
  • Entrants must be present at the Fan Art Contest Critique and Awards panel to win. The date, time, and room for this panel will be posted in the official event schedule once it is released. Winners will also be announced during Closing Ceremonies.

Use the form below to enter online with digital files. Please make a separate submission for each entry.

Entries submitted at con will also need the following information included:

  • Your preferred name
  • Your pronouns (optional)
  • Your artist handle/nickname (optional)
  • Social media link or website (limit one, optional)
  • Your email address
  • The title of your entry
  • Indicate whether your piece contains nudity or profanity
  • A brief summary of your entry, and a link to a wiki or information about the source
  • The title(s) of the Japanese anime/manga/etc. franchise your entry is based on (if any)
  • Which categories (up to two) that you wish to submit your entry under

Please email for any questions.

Entry form

Entries for the Kumoricon 2024 Fan Art Contest will be opening closer to the convention. Watch this space!