Kumoricon 2017 - October 27-29

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Anime, Manga, Gaming, and Related Industries

Kumoricon offers industry status to professionals involved in the anime, manga, gaming, and other related industries*. Members of the convention community, and members of local and/or cultural organizations, may also qualify as industry. More information on applying for an industry badge is located here.

*Related industry is at the discretion of the Industry Manager and Director of Relations.

Industry Membership Policy and Application

Partner Table Row

Partner Tables are available as a low- or no-cost option for cultural groups, fan groups, conventions and events, and local organizations that wish to partner with Kumoricon for promotional purposes.

Sponsorship and Charity Auction

Businesses and industry looking to sponsor Kumoricon, or provide contributions for our charity auction can contact the Industry department at industry@kumoricon.org for more information.

Exhibits Hall

Retailers and other dealers selling a wide range of goods can participate in our Exhibits Hall.

Artist Alley

Freelance artists selling their personal works within the convention can apply to participate in our Artist Alley.

Small Press

The Kumoricon Small Press welcomes freelance artists and creators by providing space to sell their personal works at the convention. Small Press is defined as independently-developed businesses that do not feature fan art. This includes companies that focus on fashion apparel, tabletop games, web comics, or plushies.