Kumoricon 2017 - October 27-29

Guests of Honor

Todd Haberkorn
Voice Acting Guest of Honor
Todd Haberkorn avatar

Todd Haberkorn has been on stage, on set, and behind a mic for many years. Not only is Todd an actor in LA, but he works as a producer, writer, and director as well. And he's even been an action figure or two. Haberkornmobile sold separately.

In the animated world, he went on to voice roles such as Sparrow Hood in Ever After High, Elfonso in Sofia The First, Natsu from Fairy Tail, Italy from Hetalia, Ling Yao from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Tierno from Pokémon, Allen Walker from D.Gray-man, Hikaru Hitachin from Ouran High School Host Club, Death the Kid from Soul Eater, and many others.

As far as video games go, you'd recognize his voice in the Call of Duty series, Persona series, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter IV, Ghostbusters, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Borderlands 2, and Rage, to name a handful. His voice makes sure to get its marathon training in as an award-winning narrator for audiobooks. Do a Google search and you'll find everything from thrillers and young adult to zombie sagas and children's books.

Currently, hear him as the voice of Meccano's buildable robot toy, Meccanoid.

As far as on-camera is concerned, see him in the internationally recognized and award-winning Star Trek Continues as Spock. When he isn't working on films, industrials, and television projects for other companies, Todd does work with his company Out of the Office Productions. This is one aspect of a long history of on-camera work in narrative film, commercials, and shorts.

When he isn't fighting digital monsters in video games or trying to save the day on film, Todd travels the U.S. and internationally making appearances at gnarly pop culture conventions as a guest to meet super cool fans and sign autographs.

Vic Mignogna
Voice Acting Guest of Honor
Vic Mignogna avatar

Vic has been acting for stage and screen since he was eight years old. But his anime career started about fifteen years ago as Vega in Street Fighter II. Since then, Vic has been in more than three hundred animated series and video games, known for such roles as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Tamaki Suou in Ouran High School Host Club, Zero in Vampire Knight, Death Scythe in Soul Eater, Fai in Tsubasa Chronicle, Keldeo in Pokémon, Dark in D.N.Angel, Kurz in Full Metal Panic!, Broly in Dragonball Z, Ikkaku in Bleach, Obito/Nagato in Naruto, Yoshimori in Kekkaishi, Yukito in Air, Takanaga in Wallflower, Luciano in Code Geass, Virgil Walsh in Trinity Blood, Hikaru in Macross, Space Dandy, Tiger & Bunny, Digimon Fusion, Sword Art Online, Nura, Lagrange and many many more.

Vic is currently playing characters in Free!, Fairy Tail, Star Trek Online, Black Butler, Escaflowne, Durarara!!, RWBY, Garo, Sailor Moon, World Of Warcraft, Karneval, Attack on Titan, and several others.

Vic also played the roles of G4's Wolverine and Iron Man series, and the original Mass Effect movie. Vic has also voiced roles in a large number of video games including Soul Calibur, Disgaea, Dynasty Warriors, Persona 3, The Avengers, Pac-Man, Sonic Colors, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and more.

But even longer than his voice acting, Vic has been a professional music composer/singer/producer who has written and produced hundreds of pieces for TV, radio, and CD. He sings the themes for shows like One Piece and Dragon Ball GT, and has produced several CDs of his own original music, all available on iTunes. Finally, in addition to anime and music, Vic has a degree in film and is deeply involved as an actor and director in several web series. He is executive producer of the award winning web series Star Trek Continues, where he is not only directing, but also fulfilling a childhood dream of playing the iconic role of Captain Kirk. Vic works regularly writing, producing and directing video and film productions of all kinds.

Cherami Leigh
Voice Acting Guest of Honor
Cherami Leigh avatar

Cherami Leigh has been working in the industry for 20 years, with over 75 commercials and over 100 anime projects under her belt. Some of her most popular roles include Lucy in Fairy Tail, Asuna in Sword Art Online, Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon, Road in D.Gray-man, Lizzie in Black Butler, Mai in Ghost Hunt, and Patty in Soul Eater. She has also worked on over 20 video games—including Borderlands 2—in which she plays Gaige in the popular DLC.

A few more recent additions to her voiceover arsenal include Tome in Mob Psycho 100, Kudelia in Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Ilia in RWBY, and Makoto in the upcoming Persona 5. Cherami was recently announced to be playing Sarada in Boruto: Naruto the Movie and multiple characters in Fire Emblem Heroes. She also starred in and produced two seasons of the award-winning web series Throwing Stones, as well as the soon to be released CONfessionals. She has other projects in various stages of production she is excited to share!