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Welcome to the DigiKumo Karaoke Contest! The DigiKumo Karaoke Contest is an exciting and entertaining vocal competition featuring your favorite anime, Asian pop, and video game songs. This event brings the spirit of friendly competition and the excitement of vocal performance to the convention stage by featuring a diverse group of passionate and talented singers. If you enjoy singing, come sign up for our contest or just come and cheer on your fellow fans!

Please email karaoke@kumoricon.org if you have any questions.


The contest is open to all registered DigiKumo attendees. There is no additional cost to register for the contest. You may compete in both the Kumoricon Idol and Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid contests if you so desire—the two competitions will be held back to back as a single show.

General Information

Contest entry will run from Tuesday, September 29, 2020 – Friday, October 30, 2020, or until all spots are filled, whichever occurs first. Signups are first-come, first-served.

A final list of accepted contestants will be posted on the Karaoke page by Wednesday, November 4, 2020. Contestants who do not have the required formats will not be allowed to participate (see below for details on required formats). Contestants will need to submit at least two videos of themselves singing. The first will be for auditions and the second video will be shown if you make it to the finals.

Contest Categories

There are two categories of competition: Kumoricon Idol and Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid. Contestants may compete in both categories.

Kumoricon Idol

Contestants are judged on vocal ability.

There can only be one contestant. Entries with more than one contestant must compete in the Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid.

All Idol entrants must have a karaoke version of their song so that we can truly hear your voice. There will be absolutely no exceptions.

Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid

Contestants showcase the perfect mix of cosplay, singing, and choreography.

Both solo acts and groups will be allowed to enter, but all members of the group must sing, either as lead or as backup. Backup dancers are not allowed.

All members of the group must perform in both rounds to be eligible for a prize.

Once you have checked in, you may not switch group members. Adding, subtracting, or substituting group members in between rounds of the contest are prohibited.

Contestants may only compete for one group.

Song Selection

Songs must be from the following categories: Anime, video game, J-rock/J-pop, K-pop, C-pop, or filk. (Filks are anime-themed song parodies—filks will only be allowed during the Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid contest.)

English or other non-Japanese songs from the dubbed version of an anime series or video game are acceptable. (For example: The German theme to Sailor Moon, or songs from Robotech.)

We do not allow English songs which were not originally created for an anime series, or straight covers of such songs (for example, Fly Me to the Moon, or a "popular" song used as an anime series theme song). English songs which are significantly changed or adapted from the original version (for example, has Japanese lyrics) might be okay. If you are in doubt as to whether a song is acceptable for the contest, please ask Karaoke staff before signing up, and we will make a ruling.

Be prepared to provide recordings of at least two different songs. If two people make it to the final round with the same song, we will play the alternate for the final round.

You may sing the same song for both the audition and the final round. Contestants competing in both Kumoricon Idol and Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid must have a different song for each contest. At auditions, you will be required to sing a piece from both styles so that you can be judged for each category separately.

Songs are limited to the following lengths:

  • Audition round:
    • Idol – 2.5 minutes (TV version, or 1 verse and 1 chorus)
    • Hybrid – 4 minutes
  • Final round: 6 minutes

Song/Video Formats

Audio tracks with vocals are allowed for the Hybrid competition, but karaoke versions are strongly recommended. You may lose points in Vocal Performance if the judges cannot hear your voice.

Auto-tune or other voice altering software is not allowed.

Contestants must have their lyrics memorized. Song lyrics must be the original lyrics from the original version of the song (the exception being Filks).

Contestants may not sing a cappella style—you must have a backing track.

Songs must be in their original format and may not be edited, remixed, or otherwise altered by the contestant or other party in any way. Remixes that have appeared on an officially released CD (for example, one of the many different remixes by Ayumi Hamasaki) are acceptable.

To ensure format compatibility, all video submissions must play in VLC.


Contestants will be assigned a numerical score by each judge based on vocal performance and showmanship. In addition, "Bonus Points" can be earned. Bonus Points can be earned for anything which, in the judge's determination, is exemplary. The scores from each judge are added together to come up with a total score for the contestant.

All Idol performances will be judged on vocal performance regardless of video quality. Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid Contests will be judged on all aspects of the video submission.

All decisions made by the judges are final.


The following will be awarded to the winners:

Kumoricon Idol:

  • First Place – Attendee membership for next year
  • Second Place – Kumoricon merch and Kumori Cash
  • Third Place – Kumori Cash

Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid:

  • First Place – Kumoricon merch and Kumori Cash
  • Second Place – Kumori Cash


As an event for anime fans of all ages, Kumoricon has certain standards of behavior which all attendees should abide by at all times. For more information, please refer to the Convention Code of Conduct.

The following rules are in addition to the Kumoricon Code of Conduct that applies to all attendees:

  • All aspects of the act, including, but not limited to: costume, conduct on stage, and song lyrics, are to abide by no more than a PG standard (appropriate for all ages). If you're in doubt, please email or post and tell us what you have in mind, and we'll work something out.
  • If any violations of this policy occur, Karaoke staff reserve the right to disqualify offenders from the contest or terminate the act mid-song. In extreme cases, offenders may also be subject to event penalties including loss of registration and removal from DigiKumo access.