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So you wanna work for Kumoricon?

Kumoricon is an organization designed, staffed, and held together by volunteers. Everyone who puts their time and effort into the production of this convention is a volunteer! From the board of directors and executive staff of Altonimbus Entertainment (our corporate name and the organization that holds Kumoricon) to the people who come to the convention every year and help out with line control or checking in attendees. All of these people get no monetary compensation for their hard work and dedication to the convention, making them all amazingly valuable volunteers.

Staff volunteer vs. attendee volunteer

Staff volunteer

Within Kumoricon, when we say "staff", what we mean is somebody who takes on a position with a title, is a member of Altonimbus Entertainment, and has the right to vote at membership meetings. By working the convention to fulfill all the requirements of a certain position, they receive access to the convention, expanded benefits, many other fun opportunities, as well as the benefit of being a part of an incredibly loving team of anime fans dedicated to putting on a great show! It's hard work, and it takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and the ability to take direction and use good judgment, but the joy you get from becoming a part of such a strong community is priceless. Your opinion matters and has weight in the overall structure of building the convention each year as you hold voting rights within Altonimbus Entertainment. This means you have a say in who is elected to the member-elected board positions, and if any other matters are brought before the staff to vote on, you have a say in those too. When you staff our convention, you have volunteered yourself to be an asset to Altonimbus Entertainment, and you have decided that you wish to help shape the convention by letting your opinions be counted toward any changes proposed!

Staff benefits include:

  • Free entry into the convention
  • Additional discount on your hotel room beyond the standard attendee discount
  • Provided snacks and/or meals at the convention (when possible/available)
  • Staff T-shirt, lanyard, and custom badge image
  • Voting rights in the organization to elect next year's directors (and occasionally other business such as bylaws amendments)
  • Help shape the organization and see how it works behind the scenes.

Attendee volunteer

Within Kumoricon, when we say "volunteer", what we mean is somebody who has purchased a regular attendee membership for Kumoricon and is willing to donate at least 4 hours of time to the convention.

None of our volunteers are paid, but we do have rewards based on the number of hours registered attendees are willing to volunteer. Rewards for volunteers are as follows:

  • For volunteering your time you will receive a ribbon for you badge
  • After four (4) hours you will receive a Kumoricon-branded lanyard
  • After eight (8) hours you will receive a limited gift item.
  • After twelve (12) hours you will receive a Kumoricon T-shirt.
  • After twenty (20) hours or more you will receive either a membership refund* or a Kumoricon prize bag.

*Refund amount will be the cost of a regular membership at the time of purchase, not to exceed the amount actually paid. Checks will be mailed after the convention (typically 2–3 weeks).

How to register as staff

  1. Browse the open staff positions. You can peruse our entire organizational chart (list of positions) and choose one, or several, that appeal to you.
  2. Fill out the staff application form online. If you prefer, you can also come to one of our monthly membership meetings, open to the public, and talk to our staff and department heads to see what might work best for you. You can also apply by emailing your direct lead or department head if you've been in contact with them.
  3. Review the staff member policies. These policies apply in addition to the Kumoricon convention code of conduct.
  4. Once you're approved for a position, complete your staff registration. You can complete your staff registration either online, or via a paper form in person. If you're approved online, you'll receive a personalized link in your email to complete your staff registration.

Staff membership registration paper form (in most cases, please wait for the online registration link instead of filling these out):

  1. If you are under age 18 (at time of registration), you must submit a parent permission and liability release form before your staff registration will be ratified as complete. This must be submitted before the convention in most cases, because staff registration for most positions closes before the convention. Please email a scan or photo of the form to

Parent permission and liability release form:

Staff members (Altonimbus Entertainment members) need not separately register as attendees (Kumoricon event members). If you have already pre-registered as an attendee, you can change from an attendee to staff if you decide later to become staff and are approved. This is considered an upgrade, and in that case, your Kumoricon event membership cost will be refunded to you.

How to register as a volunteer

  1. Pre-register for a Kumoricon membership.
  2. Fill out the volunteer registration form (link to become active closer to the convention).
  3. Please review the Kumoricon convention code of conduct.
  4. Wait for review by staff; this may take some time. An email will be sent when the application is approved.
  5. Once approved, set your schedule preference and select your preferred teams.
  6. Wait for your schedule.
    1. Your selected teams may pre-set your schedule and if they do, you will receive an email notification by the Wednesday before the convention.
    2. If you do not receive an email notification by the Wednesday before the convention, please report to the Volunteer Booth in the Registration Hall for your volunteer assignments.

Change to titles and levels for 2024

Starting with Kumoricon 2024, we are making changes to the way our staff organization chart works:

Levels instead of ranks

We are no longer using the "general", "coordinator", "manager", "executive" rank system.

Instead, we are using a level system with five levels: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5.

  • L1 is the most entry-level and L5 is the most involved.
  • The level is a classification of a position's work and responsibility level, experience, and time commitment.
  • When a staff member is signed up for a position, it will be at a specific level. Staff who hold more than one position might have different levels for each of their positions.
  • For many staff positions, the same position will be able to be filled at different levels by different people. This allows different staff members to work in the same role but with the best level of commitment and expectations for each person.
  • The level is not shown in the position title.
  • In public credits and on staff badges, level will not be shown, but level will be viewable in the internal staff directory.

The meaning of "executive" is changing slightly:

  • "Executive" status now means a tier of access, long-term planning, and cross-team participation instead of a rank.
  • "Executive" status does not correspond to any specific level. Specific L3, L4, and L5 positions may be designated as executive, and not all L5 positions will be designated executive.
  • We are mostly phasing out the difference between "executive" and "executive access", as "executive" is no longer a rank. In nearly all cases, positions that we previously considered "executive access" will just be called "executive".

Separating team and title

  • Staff positions will now be identified by a team and by a title, displayed together. Both team and title will show on staff badges and in credit lists. On staff badges, team will be larger than title.
  • This means that titles can be duplicated across different teams, and use more industry-standard names.
  • Position titles will no longer include words for ranks (such as "coordinator" or "manager"). These words may appear in some titles but they no longer indicate a rank or level.

Example changes to position titles

Registration Staff → Crew, Registration
KumoriMarket Staff → Support, KumoriMarket
Cosplay Repair Coordinator → Specialist, Cosplay Repair
Cultural Coordinator → Cultural Facilitator, Industry and Sponsorship
Registration Software Development Staff → Developer, Registration Software
Panel Mod Staff → Monitor, Panels

Levels explained

Level Summary Differences from previous level Work and responsibility level Approximate annual time commitment

Level 1


Entry-level at-con position.

Meet expectations for a certain amount of work at-con.

Very limited (if any) pre-con preparation.

16–32 hours

Hours are a rough estimate; commitments do not automatically end upon a certain number of hours.

Level 2


Typically at-con position with prior experience and/or pre-con preparation.

Differences from L1

Prior experience

Higher skill level

Pre-con preparation

Meet expectations for a certain amount of work at-con.

Provide assistance to other staff in the same area.

Some pre-con preparation.

24–75 hours

Hours are a rough estimate; commitments do not automatically end upon a certain number of hours.

Level 3


Typically overseeing an event or project, a key facilitator of a larger project, a major contributor pre-con, or occasionally a low-level executive.

Differences from L2

Larger work commitment

More preparation

Success measured by task completion and work quality rather than at-con hours

Take ownership of a specific area.

Train or provide assistance to other staff.

More substantial pre-con preparation.

Availability commitment for parts of the year important to the position.

50–150 hours

Hours are a rough estimate; commitments do not automatically end upon a certain number of hours.

Level 4


Typically overseeing a major area, a large-scale contributor year-round, or in some cases a more involved executive.

Differences from L3

Spearhead large projects

Management duties or mentoring expectations

Facilitate work or decision-making with other teams

Larger time commitment and availability expectations

Take ownership and significant responsibility of a large area.

If you have staff reporting to you, provide training, growth opportunities, and performance reviews for those staff.

Mentor other staff.

Availability commitment for most of the year as fits the position.

100–500 hours

Hours are a rough estimate; commitments do not automatically end upon a certain number of hours.

Level 5


Often a very involved executive, board member, or deeply dedicated and involved non-executive staff contributing substantial work year-round.

Differences from L4

Larger scope of decision-making

Planning with a horizon of multiple years

Even larger time commitment and availability expectations

Responsible for a very large area or full department.

Strategic decision-making.

Planning for organization growth and change.

Training, growth opportunities, performance reviews, and mentoring for staff.

Finding and creating promotion paths for lower-level staff to enter management and executive levels.

Year-round availability.

250–1000 hours

Hours are a rough estimate; commitments do not automatically end upon a certain number of hours.

Joining staff FAQ

When does staff registration start?

Staff register for Kumoricon on a year-to-year basis. When you're approved for a position, it applies for the upcoming Kumoricon, and doesn't automatically renew for the next year.

Staff registration is open for most of the year. Staff registration runs up until the convention, and in certain limited cases, we accept staff registrations during the convention. However, registration for most positions closes earlier, based on the needs of each individual position. We encourage you to sign up early to provide you with the most options for positions.

What is the difference between "staffing" and "volunteering"?

Before we get into the differences, there's one big clarification: Both "staff" and "volunteers" are unpaid. So in that sense they are both volunteers. But we do use the words differently.

If you are a "volunteer", that means you hold a regular attendee badge, and help out at the convention as much or as little as you'd like. It's a good way to test whether you want to make the bigger jump to staff the next year. If you'd like to volunteer, look for the Volunteer Booth at registration. We're happy to have you!

If you are "staff", that means you have made the commitment to join our organization's team. You sign up for a title, sign an agreement to follow our staff policies, become an organization member with voting rights, and make a commitment to the needs of your position.

When I join staff, how long is my commitment?

We sign up staff on a year-to-year basis. Your commitment lasts up through the next convention, and in some cases has some duties a little bit past it.

Am I automatically staff for the next-year convention, or do I need to renew each year?

Staff positions do not automatically renew for the year after. Staff need to be approved, and officially register, every year.

If I join staff, do I need to register as an attendee also?

No need! Your staff registration also serves as your convention registration, and is all you need to enter the convention and get your badge. (Make sure to pick up your badge at the staff registration booths, not the regular registration area.)

If I already registered as an attendee, what happens if I join staff? Do I get a refund?

If you already registered as an attendee, then your staff registration is considered an upgrade, and you are eligible to get a refund. However, our systems won't detect this automatically—you must request your refund. Please email to request a staff upgrade refund.

Do staff work only at the convention, or do preparation work year-round? Or both?

This depends on which position you join. Most positions require at-con duties, and some additionally require pre-convention (or after-convention) duties. On our open positions page, positions list whether they are more at-con focused or pre-con focused.

All of the year-round convention planning and at-con hosting are done by the same group of people, who we call "staff", who work for a single organization (Altonimbus Entertainment).

Are any staff paid?

Altonimbus Entertainment (the organization which produces Kumoricon) is an all-volunteer organization. No staff are paid, not even our executive staff or board members.

What is the deadline to join staff?

There is not a single deadline, but the sooner you register, the more likely it is that the position you're interested in will remain open, and the more choices you'll have.

Can I register as staff at the convention?

For most positions no, but sometimes, yes.

If you are interested in joining staff but haven't yet by the time the convention starts, please stop by the staff registration booths (in the registration hall) and ask, and there's a good chance we will have some positions that are understaffed and will be happy to have you!

Do staff just help out where needed, or do I need to join a specific position?

All people who are joining staff (instead of just volunteering as attendees) need to join a specific titled position. We sometimes ask staff to help outside their position if emergencies arise, and for dedicated staff you can seek out opportunities to help out beyond your position, but as a staff member your primary and first duty will be to the position(s) you signed up for.

Joining staff sounds interesting, but I'm not sure where to start. What kinds of positions are available?

There are some great ways to get started!

  • Browse our open staff positions.
  • Start the online staff application, select "I'm unsure which position is best", and answer some survey questions of your interests. Our system will show search results tailored to your choices, and you can change your choices and see the results change in real time.
  • Attend one of our monthly membership meetings (open to the public) and join the breakout sessions after the official meeting ends. In recent years, these meetings have been online (simulcast on Twitch and Discord), but we are also hoping to return to some in-person meetings soon.

I completed my application for staff. Am I now staff?

Not yet. Submitting a staff application does not guarantee you a staff position. (Also, applying for staff and registering for staff are not the same thing.) If you have not heard back after a few weeks, please feel free to reply to the email receipt or reach out to and we may be able to give you an update.

I received an email saying I was approved for a staff position. Am I now staff?

Not yet. You must still complete your registration. Only when you receive the email saying you are "ratified" are you officially staff.

How much work is involved in being a staff member?

This varies a huge amount based on the position you choose. Some positions are primarily at-con (and this can range from 16 hours to a full-convention commitment) with very little outside-of-con work. Many positions have a pre-convention commitment. This can be a little bit of training at the low end; planning an at-con event at the mid-range; and working year-round to run a department at the high end.

Our organization has five levels of staff positions (numbered L1 to L5) which correlate to an approximate level of time commitment, experience, and responsibility. The open positions list will indicate the available levels for every position. Different positions have a wide range in the amount of work they entail, and we encourage everyone to choose the right level of staffing for them!

If I work for 16 hours, does that mean I have fulfilled my staff commitment?

Not exactly. The "16-hour rule" is probably the most misunderstood part of Kumoricon's staffing rules.

Every position has its own requirement to fulfill its duties. For some positions it may be 16 hours, for others, 20 hours, for others, 24 hours, and quite frequently, both for lower-leveled and especially for higher-leveled positions, requirements are not measured by amount of time, but rather, by whether the work is done.

The misunderstanding arises from the fact that the organization bylaws has a governance rule that says "the organization must structure its requirements such that no person holding a Kumoricon staff position is subject to a combined requirement of less than 16 hours of volunteer work associated with each Kumoricon event". In other words, the "16-hour rule" is a rule intended to be followed by the board of directors when it approves the annual org chart (roster of available staff positions), and is not a rule that is directly presented to individual staff members. Rather, if you are a staff member: You need to fulfill the individual requirements of your staff position, whichever number of hours or list of achievements it may be.

Do staff have any free time at the convention to have fun?

Usually, yes! As staff, we are fans too, and your duties can often be scheduled around things you want to do at the con. (Having said that, emergencies can arise, and even off-duty staff are occasionally needed to fill in if they are on-site at the convention.)

Can staff cosplay while on duty?

Usually, yes! As long as it doesn't interfere with the needs of your position. Attendees love to see staff cosplaying, and it gives the con the by-fans, for-fans feel.

Can staff join more than one position at the same time?

Usually, yes. However, it's your responsibility to make sure that your supervisor for each position knows about the other position, and it's your responsibility to raise any conflicts that may occur between the two positions to ensure that you're fulfilling the duties of each position.

This can work well if one of the positions is primarily at-con and the other is primarily pre-con.

What is the minimum age to staff?

There is a general requirement to be age 16, and many positions have an age-18 requirement. A small number of positions have a minimum age of 21 if they require being in alcohol-controlled space (such as staff for the Late Night Lounge, or guest of honor liaisons).

Staff under age 18 (at time of registration) must submit a signed parent permission and liability release form (see links above) prior to their staff registration being complete.

We sometimes make case-by-case exceptions for the age-16 requirement.

What is the difference between "staff" and "organization member"?

These are almost the same thing. When you join staff, you become an organization member (as defined by Oregon nonprofit corporation law) which means you have organization voting rights. Members are eligible to vote for the 7 out of 9 positions on the Altonimbus Entertainment board which are designated as elected by the members, as well as any organization bylaws amendments that may be proposed and come to a vote.

Organization membership lasts a little bit longer than your staff status (see question further below).

What is the difference between "convention member" and "organization member"?

"Convention members" are people who have registered to attend Kumoricon. They do not have organization voting rights.

"Organization members" are people who have joined staff. They have voting rights.

If I am a staff member, when does my position officially end?

Staff positions for a given convention end 30 days after full staff registration opens for next year. This means that staff terms overlap with each other. This is intentional, so that important staff positions are filled year-round, and also so that staff at all levels are given the opportunity to maintain uninterrupted staff membership, if they wish, if they want to staff Kumoricon year after year.

For a convention held in November, this means that your official staffing end date (if not yet renewed) would usually fall in the February-to-April range, though the date will be determined and announced each year.

If your staff position primarily consists of at-con duties, then the exact end date of your position may be more symbolic than practical. But it determines your official status in our records, and your access to some of our online systems. In certain situations, whether you are officially staff or not on a given day could also matter under our staff policies such as an incident under the staff harassment policy or conflict of interest policy as these govern how staff behave outside-of-convention when talking to other staff members or if they appear to be representing the organization.

When in doubt, you can check your current staff status by checking your profile page from the staff directory. Your profile page shows all credited positions you have held in the past. Currently active positions are marked with "(active)" after their name.

If I am a staff member, when does organization membership officially end?

Organization membership lasts a little bit longer than staff status.

If you satisfactorily completed your position, then your organization membership lasts an additional 180 days after the last day of your staff status (see previous question). (Otherwise, it usually ends 10 days after the last day of your staff status, with certain exceptions.)

I'm a current staff member and have some more detailed questions about organization membership, organization governance, or elections.

Certainly! Please visit corporate Q&A (staff login required), policies and corporate (staff login required), and elections process (staff login required) for detailed information.