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Staff Registration

So you wanna work for Kumoricon?

Kumoricon is an organization designed, staffed, and held together by volunteers. Everyone who puts their time and effort into the production of this convention is a volunteer! From the board of directors and executive staff of Altonimbus Entertainment (our corporate name and the company that holds Kumoricon) to the people who come to the convention every year and help out with line control or bringing food to staff for a few hours in between panels. All of these people get no monetary compensation for their hard work and dedication to the convention, making them all amazingly valuable volunteers.

Voting Members of Altonimbus Entertainment 101

OR; The great and wonderful world of staffing our convention!

Within Kumoricon, when we say "staff" what we mean is somebody who takes on a position with a title, is a voting member of Altonimbus Entertainment, and has the right to vote at General and Annual meetings. By working the convention to fulfill all the requirements of a certain position, they receive access to the convention, a Kumoricon staff T-shirt, many other fun oppourtunites, as well as the benefit of being a part of an incredibly loving team of anime fans dedicated to puting on a great show! It's hard work, and it takes a lot of patience, perserverance, and the ability to take direction and use good judgement, but the joy you get from becoming a part of such a strong community is priceless. Your opinion matters and has weight in the overall structure of building the convention each year as you hold voting rights within Altonimbus Entertainment. This means you have a say in who is elected to the member-elected board positions, and if any other matters are brought before the staff to vote on, you have a say in those too. When you staff our convention, you have volunteered yourself to be an asset to Altonimbus Entertainment, and you have decided that you wish to help shape the convention by letting your opinions be counted toward any changes proposed!

How to sign up as staff

  1. Browse the open staff positions. You can peruse our entire organizational chart (list of positions) and choose one, or several, that appeal to you.
  2. Fill out the staff application form online. If you prefer, you can also come to one of our monthly general meetings, open to the public, and talk to our staff and department heads to see what might work best for you. You can also apply by emailing your manager or department head if you've been in contact with them.
  3. Review the staff member policies. These policies apply in addition to the Kumoricon convention code of conduct.
  4. Once you're approved for a position, complete your staff registration. You can complete your staff registration either online, or via a paper form in person. If you're approved online, you'll receive a personalized link in your email to complete your staff registration.

Staff Members (Altonimbus Entertainment Members) need not separately register as attendees (Kumoricon Event Members). If you have already pre-registered as an attendee, you can change from an attendee to staff if you decide later to become staff and are approved. This is a considered an upgrade, and in that case, your Kumoricon Event Membership cost will be refunded to you.

When can you register?

Staff register for Kumoricon on a year-to-year basis. When you're approved for a position, it applies for the upcoming Kumoricon, and doesn't automatically renew for the next year.

Staff registration is open for most of the year. Staff registration runs up until the convention, and in certain limited cases, we accept staff registrations during the convention. However, registration for most positions closes earlier, based on the needs of each individual position. We encourage you to sign up early to provide you with the most options for positions.

Registering in person

Staff Membership Registration Form – If you have been in contact with your director or manager and after you have received director approval for a staff position, please fill in the fields and print this form, and bring it to a meeting or otherwise deliver to your director. The director must initial the form. When the director has initialed the form, please deliver the form to the Staff Registration Manager or Director of Membership.

Staff Parent Permission and Liability Release Form – Staff members under age 18 (at the time of registration) must submit a parent permission and liability release form before their membership registration will be ratified. This form can be delivered in person to the Staff Registration Manager or Director of Membership, or, if you have already submitted your staff membership registration form, then a scanned copy of the parent permission and liability release form can be sent by email to staff.registration@kumoricon.org. You cannot wait until the convention to submit the parent permission and liability release form, because staff member registration must be finalized by each staffing area's deadline prior to the convention.