Industry Membership

Thank you for your interest in applying for industry membership at Kumoricon 2024. Industry badges are extended as a courtesy to members of the industry so they may enjoy and explore the convention, and everything it has to offer.

Industry online applications will close on Friday, September 13, 2024, and registration (after approval) will close on Friday, October 11, 2024, both at 11:59pm Pacific Time. On-site registration for qualified members of the industry will be available during regular registration hours.

If you have questions about the status of your application, registration, or need to update any information submitted, please email

Qualifying industry types

Kumoricon offers industry status to professionals involved in the anime, manga, gaming, and other related industries*, and to Japanese cultural and/or anime/manga-related content creators. Members of the convention community, and members of local and/or cultural organizations, may also qualify as industry.

*Related industry is at the discretion of the Industry and Sponsorship Manager and Director of Relations.

Policies and guidelines

All industry members will be held to the same code of conduct that applies to general attendees. Please review the Convention Code of Conduct, which can also be found in our pocket guide and in the Guidebook app.

  • All industry members must identify themselves to staff by having a Kumoricon 2024 industry badge visible.
  • Any member of industry must be age 18+ to qualify for an industry badge, unless written permission has been given by the Industry and Sponsorship Manager or Director of Relations.
  • Each individual must complete an industry application.

Applications are subject to approval by the Industry and Sponsorship Manager. The number of badges issued to a company or organization is at the discretion of the Industry and Sponsorship Manager and the Director of Relations. Members of a company or organization will each receive individual consideration of their qualifications. If it is found that a badge has been requested under false pretenses, badges for that entire organization will not be approved and/or will be revoked.

Industry badges do not grant extra permissions to the badgeholder unless specified by the Industry and Sponsorship Manager and the Relations department. Industry badgeholders may enter the Exhibitor Area outside of normal KumoriMarket hours in order to access their company booth.

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of Kumoricon attendees, Guests of Honor, staff, and other industry, the Kumoricon Industry and Sponsorship Manager reserves the right to revoke any industry membership at any time, for any reason. An industry member who has their badge revoked may be restricted from returning to our events in the future, as industry or as a general attendee. Examples of behavior that may result in badge revocation include but are not limited to:

  • Violation of the Code of Conduct
  • Harassing a Guest of Honor, attendee, or staff member
  • Bringing non-industry, general attendees into industry-only areas without prior permission from Kumoricon
  • Engaging in unprofessional and/or inappropriate behavior during the event, as determined by Kumoricon staff
  • Requesting autographs or sketches outside the normal autograph sessions and/or disobeying the directions of Kumoricon staff manning autograph lines
  • Interfering with attendees' enjoyment of the convention
  • Violating any Kumoricon policy, facility policy, or law not otherwise listed

Registration and badge pick-up

When you arrive at the convention, if you have pre-registered as industry, you may pick up your industry badge at the specialty badge counter in Registration. If you are applying for industry at the event, please apply at the specialty badge counter in Registration. Without your industry badge, you will not have access to the convention. Please wear your badge in a visible location at all times when you are in the convention space.

Please note: Valid, government-issued photo ID is required for industry badge pick-up. For identification purposes, each industry member may only pick up their own personal badge, unless another arrangement has been made with the Industry and Sponsorship Manager. Please report lost or missing badges to the Industry and Sponsorship Manager as soon as possible.

The Industry team will be on-site throughout the convention to assist you with any questions you may have. Live updates to the schedule will be available on our website and through the Guidebook app. Pertinent information will be given to each industry badgeholder or group at badge pick-up.

Industry Q&A

How do I apply for industry membership?

Please review the industry membership qualifications and submit an industry application. You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. Acceptance or denial emails will typically be sent within three (3) weeks of submission. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up with the Kumoricon Industry and Sponsorship Manager at

What's the difference between industry membership approval and having an industry badge?

A confirmation email will not get you into the convention. You must pick up a physical badge at Registration. All members of the industry must wear their badges at all times during the event in convention space.

What do I need when I pick up my badge?

To pick up your badge, if you have pre-registered, you will need to present all of the following items:

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID
  • A business card if you have one

To expedite registration, you may also bring:

  • Industry approval email

How do I obtain preferred or assigned seating for panels, or special events like the cosplay competition?

Industry badges do not grant special seating at panels or events, unless the panel or event in some way involves the company/organization the industry badgeholder is a part of.

How do I interview a Guest of Honor?

Interviews are reserved for Kumoricon Press. Please see Kumoricon's Press Membership for more information.

I am part of a cultural group that would like to provide content for Kumoricon. Who should I contact?

Cultural groups who are interested in providing content for Kumoricon should contact our Cultural Coordinator at for more information.

Can my group have a table to help advertise?

Businesses and professional industry are encouraged to apply for the Exhibitor Area, Artist Alley, or Small Press. Conventions, cultural groups, and local organizations should look into applying for a Partner Table.

Why might my industry membership be revoked?

Reasons for revocation include but are not limited to:

  • Bothering or harassing a guest, attendee, or staff member
  • Requesting autographs or sketches outside the normal autograph sessions
  • Bringing non-industry guests to industry-only locations or special events
  • Unprofessional and/or inappropriate behavior
  • Violation of any policy set forth by the Industry team, Kumoricon, or our venue

Note: The Kumoricon Industry and Sponsorship Manager and Kumoricon retain the right to revoke any badge at any time for any reason whatsoever.

What other perks does industry membership offer?

Kumoricon has a dedicated lounge for industry members at the convention center. This space is available for all registered badgeholders and provides an opportunity to connect with other professionals or just relax and recharge your phone! Registered industry members will receive more information about this space and any additional amenities closer to the event.