Kumoricon Convention Code of Conduct

Content last updated November 5, 2022

Kumoricon 2023 notice: Portions of this code of conduct regarding COVID-19 requirements represent what was in place for Kumoricon 2022. We have not yet determined how our current requirements will change, if at all, for Kumoricon 2023. Our safety precautions will be an ongoing conversation involving our venue, local guidance, and the conditions of the pandemic. We will make an announcement closer to Kumoricon 2023 describing what COVID-19 requirements will be in place, and we will update this code of conduct to reflect those requirements. Any announced requirements and this code of conduct are subject to change up until the convention.

COVID-19 vaccination and mask requirements

More detailed information on the below points is available at https://www.kumoricon.org/covid-19-safety.

  • All attendees age 6 and over must provide either proof of COVID-19 vaccination and at least one booster administered within the last year, or proof of a negative test. Verification will be conducted on site.
    • If you are using a PCR test, then it must be taken on or after Tuesday, November 8. A negative result will be considered valid for the entire convention.
    • If you are using an antigen test, then a negative result is considered valid for 3 full days following the test date. (For example, a negative test taken on Thursday will permit being at the event on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.) A test must be re-taken during the convention if an antigen test's 3-day validity window expires before the end of the event.
    • Specific details around vaccination and testing requirements, as well as local testing locations, are available at the FAQ page listed above.
  • All attendees age 2 and over must wear facial coverings in convention space, except in designated eating areas while eating or drinking.
  • Facial coverings must completely cover the nose and mouth, and must attach to the head with a strap.
    • Facial coverings must meet a minimum certified standard of N95, KN95, or KF94 filtration.
    • Facial coverings that are not allowed include (but are not limited to): surgical masks, paper masks, cloth masks, any masks with an exhalation valve, bandanas, mesh materials, masks with excessive holes or damage, face shields without a mask, and neck gaiters.
    • See our FAQ for information about availability of KN95 masks at con.
  • Facial coverings must be visible. Attendees may not wear a costume that prevents anyone from seeing that the facial covering requirement is being followed (such as a helmet or head covering).
  • The facial covering requirement applies in all locations in the Oregon Convention Center, and in all event rooms and event hallways for any programming in the Hyatt. The only exceptions are in designated eating areas while eating or drinking, and while presenting or performing for any officially-run event where the written rules for that event allow for an exception.

Entry requirements

  • Everyone must present valid, government-issued photo ID to buy a membership or to check in.
  • Your badge is your proof of membership. You must wear it at all times in convention space.

Age restrictions

  • Attendees under age 18 must present a signed parent permission and liability release form at time of entry.
  • Attendees under age 18 must leave convention space between the curfew hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 am. (There is no exception for parent accompaniment.)
  • Attendees under age 13 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
  • To attend an event marked age 18+, you must have a hand stamp. ID will not be accepted at the door of the event. To get a hand stamp, please present both your badge and valid government-issued photo ID to the Programming Booth. (There is no exception to the hand stamp requirement for parent accompaniment.)

Event restrictions

  • Please do not line up more than 30 minutes ahead of any event.
  • Entry to some convention events and autograph sessions may require either advance sign-up, or a paid ticket. Please see individual event details for full information.
  • The Oregon Convention Center prohibits all animals on its campus. This includes therapy or anxiety pets. Only animals trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability, through a specific action, are allowed. For any official Kumoricon programming held outside the Oregon Convention Center, the policies for the venue where that programming is held apply.

Cosplay, clothing, and coverage

Coverage diagram on the body: Costumes or clothing covers approximately 60% of the breast area. Bare back is okay. Bottom coverage does not expose cheeks. Shoes or sandals are worn.

  • Attendees must follow all COVID-19 mask requirements, listed in the section near the top.
  • Our coverage policy is gender-neutral. Costumes or clothing must cover the following: complete groin and buttocks, and approximately 60% of the breast area, including 100% nipple coverage. Coverage may not be sheer or transparent, painted on, or overly form-fitting to the point where it reveals the details of genitalia.
  • Footwear must be worn which includes a sole covering the bottom of the feet.
  • Costume props that may be potentially dangerous, or may appear to be potentially dangerous (even if they aren't), must be peace-bonded upon entry to the convention, or upon purchase of the item in KumoriMarket.

Peace-bonding is an agreement to carry your prop safely, and requires signing an acknowledgement of the requirements of safe carry. A staff member will attach a peace-tie to your item which signals to all staff that your item has been reviewed.

Peace-bonding is conducted outside Registration and outside KumoriMarket. After KumoriMarket hours, this location will move to the Operations Office.

Harassment and other prohibited behavior

  • Harassment, and any behavior that disrupts another person's experience, are prohibited. Disallowed behavior includes unwanted physical contact, threats, heckling or jeering, or any other form of rude, offensive, or disruptive behavior. This policy applies regardless of whether the behavior is aimed at a specific person.
  • If another person no longer wishes to speak to or interact with you, you must immediately cease your conversation and interaction with them, and you may not follow them to another area.

If you experience harassment or other unwanted behavior, please visit the Operations Office to discuss or report an incident or concern. We strongly encourage attendees to report an incident as soon as possible after it occurs.

Other prohibited behavior

  • Consumption of alcohol (unless presented as part of an official convention event), consumption of illegal drugs (including marijuana), smoking or use of e-cigarettes, or intoxication
  • Lewd conduct
  • Unsafe behavior, including real or play fighting
  • Selling or soliciting items or services
  • Distribution of flyers or literature
  • Brandishing, waving around, or pointing prop weapons

Prop firearms and blades must always stay holstered, slung, or sheathed, except while posing for photos.

The following items are prohibited:

  • Functional firearms or ammunition (no exception for concealed carry)
  • Functioning projectile weapons, devices, toys, including items meant to be thrown; or paddles
  • Swords and props which contain live steel (sharp enough to cut)
  • Any prop firearm that does not have a highly visible orange tip, or that for any other reason looks like it could be functional from 10 feet away, even if they are non functioning
  • Devices intended to produce vapor or smoke, including but not limited to vape pens, smoke bombs, and fog machines, unless approved as part of an official convention event (prohibition also applies within 25 feet of any building entrance)
  • Potentially dangerous props which are not part of a bona fide costume
  • Any props or items that inhibit traffic due to their size
  • Any signage or clothing containing profanity, explicit or graphic language or imagery, slurs, insults, threats, solicitations, or room party advertisements
  • Costumes, props, or items of clothing which are vulgar, obscene, graphic, or sexually themed

Projectile items or replica firearms are allowed only if they are, or have been made, permanently non-functional. "Permanently" means it is not possible to repair or restore the item to functionality. In most cases this means the item must be filled with glue and all moving parts rendered immobile.

We may limit any other offensive, disruptive, or unsafe costumes, props, signs, or clothing in our sole discretion.

Photography restrictions

Be polite with your camera and how you conduct your photography or video recording. Photography and video recording are generally permitted. However:

  • It is strictly prohibited to take a photo of any person who asks you not to, or shows by their body language that they do not wish to be photographed.
  • It is also prohibited to take a photo if a reasonable person would know the subject(s) would probably not want to be photographed under the circumstances.
  • Photography is not allowed in any event where the event host asks you not to, there is a sign prohibiting it, or in viewing rooms, Artist Alley, Small Press, or the Art Show; except with on-the-spot artist permission.


  • Any violation of this code of conduct or illegal action may be handled by a warning, temporary convention suspension, permanent membership revocation, or longer ban, in our sole discretion.
  • Allowable activity at the convention is at our sole discretion. If an authorized staff member asks you to stop doing something, remove an item, or leave an area, then it has the weight of this code of conduct, even if it's not printed in this code of conduct.


This code of conduct may be changed without notice. https://www.kumoricon.org/code-of-conduct will always contain the latest version, and printed copies are available at the convention.