Art Show Application

Details listed below were for the Kumoricon 2023 Art Show. Rules may be changed before applications for the 2024 Art Show open. Please review the final rules before applying.


Applications are now open for participation in the Art Show. The admission fee is 10% of all sales, to be determined at the end of the convention. Artist payments will be sent within a month of the convention. Art Show entries are limited to 10 individual pieces. Applications are mostly first-come, first-served.

We are pleased to offer a charity option. Artists who submit their art to the Art Show may opt to have Kumoricon's fee from their individual submissions contributed to Kumoricon's designated charity beneficiaries. This is not a requirement for participation in the Art Show and will not affect an artist's application or placement.


Once you are accepted, we will send you the mail-in instructions and tips. Art must be delivered to the Art Show by the artist in advance. Art can be brought to the convention on November 7, 2024, if unable to mail. This can be coordinated with staff through email. Please mail artwork no later than the posted mailing deadline (date to be determined) (or as soon as your application is accepted, if after this date)—to ensure that it arrives well before Kumoricon 2024. If you do not wish to ship your artwork, but still want to participate in the Art Show, please contact the Charity Lead for additional options.

Displaying art

Kumoricon will supply boards for hanging 2-dimensional artwork and tables for the displaying of 3-dimensional works. Protect your work: We will not be responsible for your models falling over—we will display according to how the artwork can sit/rest safely. If any special accommodations are needed, please notify the Art Show staff when registering.

Kumoricon will not accept any artwork that does not follow these rules and/or display guidelines:

  • Artists may not submit works by another artist unless they are the designated artist's agents, authorized by submission of the agent's name on the signup form to the Kumoricon Art Show.
  • All submissions must be of an artist's original production.
    • Although fan art is allowed, Kumoricon Art Show will reject artwork which appears to be traced or a direct copy from an already existing piece.
    • Pieces may not have any significant portion be AI-generated.
    • If we determine that an artwork is plagiarized or AI-generated, then it will be removed for the duration of the convention.
  • All 2-dimensional work must be matted, framed, and/or mounted. 3-dimensional works (models, sculptures, dolls, etc.) must be freestanding or self-supporting. Please provide your own protective cases if necessary. We do have frames, but please coordinate with staff to ensure the size works with what we have currently.
  • Fabric items such as scarves, quilts, and T-shirts may either be rigged for hanging, or mounted for table display.
  • Normal safety regulations must be observed. This means no whirling or spinning blades, emission of toxic odors or fumes, explosives, radioactive materials, or biohazards.
  • Adult art will not be accepted.

Only Kumoricon Art Show staff are permitted to handle artwork for hanging and display. If you have any display preferences, please include your instructions when submitting. To accommodate the needs of the Art Show, the Art Show staff may rearrange the artwork. Kumoricon reserves the right to refuse to display or to remove any work, for any reason, at any time. No cameras of any sort are allowed in the Art Show, except for supervised press or staff. If you are found taking video or photos of artwork, you will be asked to leave.

All artwork will be displayed with an art tag listing the title, lot number, and the type of media, which is signed by the artist on the back. A bid sheet listing the lot number and minimum starting bid price (determined at the artist's discretion) will also be included.


  • Place a bid – An attendee can place a bid on an item by entering their bid and badge number on the bid sheet. All bids must be in whole dollar increments, and must not be less than the minimum bid price set by the artist.
  • Winning an item – The last bid must be completed by 12:00pm on Sunday of the convention.

Art pick-up

  • Sunday, November 19, 2:00pm–3:00pm – Highest bidders can claim and purchase the item.

Any artwork without bids can be picked up by the artist on Sunday between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. Kumoricon is not responsible for mailing artwork back to the artist. Special considerations can be made if an artist is willing to pay for return shipping of artwork (contact the Art Show Coordinator if you are concerned). If the artwork is not picked up on Sunday by 5:00pm, the artwork will be held for 7 days. After 7 days, it will become property of Kumoricon. The artist is responsible for contacting Kumoricon to get the artwork at their own expense.

If you have any further questions, please contact and we will be very happy to assist.

Credit: Rules derived from Anime Boston Art Show rules.

Application form

Applications for the Kumoricon 2024 Art Show will open closer to the convention. Watch this space!