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As a special gift to all the dedicated Kumoricon fans, we have made available in complete form every single Kumoricon program guide since the beginning in 2003! We also have pocket guides from 2005 onward. Enjoy!

2023 pocket guide cover 2023 Pocket Guide [PDF, 3.4MB]
2022 pocket guide cover 2022 Pocket Guide [PDF, 2.5MB]
2021 pocket guide cover 2021 Pocket Guide [PDF, 28MB]
2019 program book cover 2019 Program Book [PDF, 33MB]
2019 pocket guide cover 2019 Pocket Guide [PDF, 4.6MB]
2018 program book cover 2018 Program Book [PDF, 38MB]
2018 pocket guide cover 2018 Pocket Guide [PDF, 3.3MB]
2017 program book cover 2017 Program Book [PDF, 90MB]
2017 pocket guide cover 2017 Pocket Guide [PDF, 2.7MB]
2016 program book cover 2016 Program Book [PDF, 66MB]
2016 pocket guide cover 2016 Pocket Guide [PDF, 1.2MB]
2015 program book cover 2015 Program Book [PDF, 39MB]
2015 pocket guide cover 2015 Pocket Guide [PDF, 2.0MB]
2014 program book cover 2014 Program Book [PDF, 71MB]
2014 pocket guide cover 2014 Pocket Guide [PDF, 4.2MB]
2013 program book cover 2013 Program Book [PDF, 36MB]
2013 pocket guide cover 2013 Pocket Guide [PDF, 5.2MB]
2012 program book cover 2012 Program Book [PDF, 32MB]
2012 pocket guide cover 2012 Pocket Guide [PDF, 3.8MB]
2011 program book cover 2011 Program Book [PDF, 47MB]
2011 pocket guide cover 2011 Pocket Guide [PDF, 3.1MB]
2010 program book cover 2010 Program Book [PDF, 25MB]
2010 pocket guide cover 2010 Pocket Guide [PDF, 58MB] (also available in a low-resolution, reduced size version [PDF, 4.0MB])
2009 program book cover 2009 Program Book [PDF, 53MB]
2009 pocket guide cover 2009 Pocket Guide [PDF, 59MB] (also available in a low-resolution, reduced size version [PDF, 3.9MB])
2008 program book cover 2008 Program Book [PDF, 45MB]
2008 pocket guide cover 2008 Pocket Guide [PDF, 1.2MB]
2007 program book cover 2007 Program Book [PDF, 30MB]
2007 pocket guide cover 2007 Pocket Guide [PDF, 3.2MB]
2006 program book cover 2006 Program Book [PDF, 53MB]
2006 pocket guide cover 2006 Pocket Guide [PDF, 1.4MB]
2005 program book cover

2005 Program Book [PDF, 141MB] (also available in a size-reduced version [PDF, 28MB])

The first half of this book was the Kumoricon program content as in the PDF here. The second half was the current issue of Animerica, a publication by Viz Media, who sponsored our program book. It was printed upside-down so that by flipping the book, you could read either half from left-to-right starting from its own "front cover". The Animerica half is not included in the PDF.

2005 pocket guide cover 2005 Pocket Guide [PDF, 40MB] (also available in a size-reduced version [PDF, 9.2MB])
2005 video schedule cover 2005 Video Schedule [PDF, 18MB] (also available in a size-reduced version [PDF, 3.6MB])
2004 program book cover 2004 Program Book [PDF, 108MB] (also available in a size-reduced version [PDF, 3.6MB])
2003 program book cover 2003 Program Book (missing back cover) [PDF, 6.8MB]
2003 schedule 2003 Schedule [PDF, 1.2MB] (also in the main program book)