Guest Application

Be our guest!

Kumoricon prides itself on continuing to bring a diverse cast of guests to our event from all sorts of industries ranging from voice acting to cosplay to animation and more. If you fit one of the industries listed below or think your industry should be included, feel free to apply to be a guest at our convention.

Types of guests:

  • Voice actors
  • Cosplayers
  • Animators
  • Game developers
  • YouTubers / Twitch streamers / TikTokers
  • Musicians / DJs

Applicants using this form will be considered for future events. We finalize our guest plans early in the year for each convention, so applications will be considered for future years, not just the next upcoming convention. We may reach out if there is a cancellation on our current guest list as well. Using this application does not guarantee an invitation as a guest at our event, and not every applicant will get a response. We will keep this form active year-round and continue to pull from these applications to build out our guest lists in the future.