Cosplay Guests of Honor

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Cosplay guests of honor

TurtleSmithy avatar Mouzycat Photography

Kyle and Malinda are an award-winning veteran cosplay duo crafting full-time for their own business: TurtleSmithy.

As cosplayers with over 20 years of experience each, they are well-rounded in a variety of techniques including sewing, wig styling, prop/armor construction, and more!

Malindachan (Malinda) especially loves sewing and wig styling, and you might be familiar with the numerous tutorials she's created for Arda Wigs. Thanks to her clean craftsmanship, she’s been invited as a guest speaker and contest craftsmanship judge internationally. While she was Arda’s house stylist, she collaborated with brands such as Simplicity Patterns, McCall’s Patterns, and Sideshow Collectibles.

TurtleSmithy Cosplay (Kyle) has had a passion for breathing life into his favorite characters since he was a kid. His specialties are armor and props, but he’s no stranger to sewing either. He has traveled far and wide as a cosplay panelist and judge. A few of his accomplishments include being the first winner of C2E2's Crown Championships of Cosplay and creating armor patterns for Simplicity.

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