Cosplay Guests of Honor

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Teca Cosplay

Cosplay guest of honor

Teca, part of the World Cosplay Summit Team USA 2020/2022, is an award-winning cosplayer who specializes in competition, craftsmanship, and presentation. With nearly twenty years of experience, she has won over thirty awards as well as hosted panels and judged contests at more than twenty-five events across the country. Teca has worked as an official cosplayer for industry events as Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal for Viz Media, America from Hetalia for Funimation, Kyouko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica for Aniplex, and Marida Cruz from Gundam Unicorn for Bandai, and has also worked with Japanese music acts such as Kalafina and CHEMISTRY.

Black Bettie Cosplay

Cosplay guest of honor

Black Bettie Cosplay is a BIPOC nonbinary cosplayer, costumer, and photographer based in Portland, Oregon. For over fifteen years, they have been creating high quality costumes, props, and content—and love to bring characters to life by transforming themself with makeup, wigs, and detailed looks. They also use their experience in tailoring, building and styling wigs, foam work, resin, and utilizing unconventional/recycled materials as a veteran cosplay and lip sync contest judge for events around the country and online.

As a BIPOC queer cosplayer, they work hard to spread the message that cosplay is for everyone and encourage more diverse representation and support within the community as well as with the various brands they work with.

Sakura Rangers

Cosplay guests of honor

From the forested trails of Oregon to the rich soil of Saskatoon, Canada, the Sakura Rangers have come together with the goals of entertaining and making the convention world more fun for everyone. A decade ago, a random game of cosplay chess brought their original members together. From that they grew in numbers and began many collaborations, podcasts, panels, cosplay contest wins, and toe-tapping performances. They are already working hard to prepare and can't wait for Kumoricon to arrive so they can entertain everyone attending the event!

Cosplay Coven

Brand ambassadors

The Cosplay Coven was formed in 2017 when the members came together and had the idea of starting this group of close-knit friends to cosplay with while providing positivity and support for each other. Together they have pushed their individual skills and abilities working as a team to bring their ideas to life. The Cosplay Coven has hosted panels, created a variety of costumes, started a podcast, and performed on stage together many times over the last few years. The group wants to share their love of cosplay with the community by providing fun and engaging entertainment with a focus on support and positivity. Most of the content the Cosplay Coven creates is to bring people together or to share their knowledge and experience to help our community grow in positive ways.

It was also in 2017 that the Cosplay Coven fell in love with the Kumoricon Ghost Neko, creating kigurumis based off the plushie. Their obsession didn't stop there and the Cosplay Coven has made new costumes every year since. Now working with Kumoricon itself the Cosplay Coven gets to perform skits, host panels, and be directly involved with the local community. Even more Ghost Neko goodness is in store for the future!


Cosplay guest of honor

A Portland native and "Mother of Chaos" as her fans affectionately call her, Falinxie got her start as an Overwatch streamer back in 2016. She eventually switched to following her true passion of cosplaying and being a menace online in 2020. When she's not messing with folks who buy into the "fake gamer girl" nonsense with her long-running "What if Zelda was a girl" video series, she's usually in her workshop building cosplay props and armor.

A staunch ally of the trans community, Falinxie often elects to highlight her naturally strong facial features in her makeup to further confuse the "we can tell" crowd. She's always learning and listening to how she can help elevate and support underrepresented groups in cosplay.

Midnight Pursona

Cosplay guest of honor

Midnight Pursona is an award-winning competitive cosplayer out of Las Vegas, NV. For 12+ years, Midnight has been bringing entertainment and joy through her masquerade skits and TikTok videos. She enjoys creating unique makeup looks and creating designs and costumes wherever she goes. As a BIPOC, plus-size, queer cosplayer, Midnight advocates strongly for equality and diversity in the community and is open and happy to sit down and have a discussion on how to improve the community to make it more inclusive and welcoming for everyone. A few fun facts about Midnight: She has a giant love of cows and plushies, she entertains friends weekly on her Twitch channel, she's also an artist, and she's always ready to be a cosplay mom if you need one.

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