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Autographs FAQ

These are frequently asked questions regarding autographs. Please review them and if your question still isn't answered, feel free to email us at

Notice: We are in the process of creating a brand new autograph sign-up process for Kumoricon 2018. Please check back to this page closer to the convention for updates.

1. When can I get autographs?

During our scheduled autograph sessions. Once our programming schedule is finalized, autograph session times will be publicized. Please do not ask for autographs before or after panels. Guests are very busy at a convention and have other panels and events they need to attend.

2. Do the autograph sessions cost anything?

Nope! The autograph sessions are open and free to all attendees and staff. Bear in mind that sometimes guests have headshots or other merchandise available for sale at their session.

3. What can I have guests sign?

To be fair to everyone that would like an autograph, there is a limit of two autograph items per person. Have more things you’d like signed? Come back for the next autograph session for that guest.

Good autograph items:

  • DVD cover of a show a person was involved with
  • The inside cover of a manga that person’s character appears in
  • Kumoricon program guide (it has autograph space in the back)
  • An autograph book
  • Blank paper

Bad autograph items:

  • Bootlegged or unlicensed items
  • Items from shows the person was not in
  • Items from shows you suspect the person was in and credited under an alias
  • Body parts
  • Convention badges (they're very small and guests like to write big)
  • Food (soda cans, ramune bottles, something that can be easily mistaken for trash when you’re cleaning up later)

4. Can I get my picture taken with the guest?

To make sure we get through as many people as possible, we ask that guests don’t pose during the autograph sessions. If you would like a photo taken, a Kumoricon staff member will be able to take pictures while the guest is signing for you.

5. What is Kumoricon's autograph policy?

Below are the official autograph guidelines. It is important to keep the following in mind:

Each person is limited to two items to be signed per session.

A guest may decline to sign any item they wish.

Guests will do their best to sign items for as many people as possible. But there is no guarantee they will be able to make it through the entire line.

Please have items ready to be signed when you approach the front of the line.

If you would like a photo taken, please have your camera or phone out and ready when you approach the front of the line. A Kumoricon staff member will then be able to take pictures while the guest is signing for you.

To ensure as many people get through as possible, we request attendees do not ask for a voice recording.