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Kumoricon Is Being Postponed to 2021

Posted July 17, 2020

Hello Kumo Fam,

This is the announcement we were hoping we wouldn't have to make: the big one. We are deeply saddened to announce Kumoricon is postponed to November 5-7, 2021. While we've grown a lot in the past few years, Kumoricon has always been about a tight-knit community of volunteers, guests, exhibitors, and fans, and we don't want to hold an event that would risk the health and safety of our community.

Since we are still a few months away from when Kumoricon 2020 was scheduled to take place, this announcement may seem preemptive. However, Governor Kate Brown stated in previous announcements that large gatherings will likely still not be safe even through the end of the year. Because of this and recommendations by experts, we are confident that a gathering of over 10,000 people will still be too big of a risk. Even if things begin to improve within the next few months, we don't want to risk the safety of our community. We hope making this announcement far in advance will give everyone time to process and adjust or cancel plans.

In light of this announcement, those who have already registered will have four options:

Carrying over your membership to Kumoricon 2021: By default, all memberships for Kumoricon 2020 will be automatically rolled over to the 2021 convention. If you would like to do this, you do not need to take any action. Those who allow their registration to roll over to 2021 will be given a Ghost Neko sticker (design pending) at the 2021 event.

Transferring your Kumoricon 2020 membership: Those who cannot attend the 2021 dates can transfer their registration to another person who is able to attend using our Action Request Form by Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Donating your Kumoricon 2020 membership: Pre-registered attendees who paid for adult badges will also have the option to donate* their current registration. Donating your Kumoricon 2020 membership means you will not be automatically registered for Kumoricon 2021, and you will be supporting us directly. If a qualifying** badge is donated, or an attendee donates at least $45 to Kumoricon, they will receive an exclusive "Heart of Gold" Ghost Neko pin (design pending) at the 2021 convention. If you would like to donate your Kumoricon 2020 membership, indicate this on the Action Request Form by Sunday, August 16, 2020.

A refund of your Kumoricon 2020 membership: Those who cannot attend the 2021 dates and would like a refund can do so by using the same Action Request Form. Be sure you are choosing the correct option when you submit the form. All refund requests must be submitted by Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Kumoricon is run entirely by passionate volunteers, and we are so proud to put it on every year. The decision to cancel this year was not made lightly, and doubly so because of the financial consequences. While all our staff are volunteers, putting on a giant convention is still very expensive. If you are able to, we wholeheartedly appreciate anyone willing to roll their registration over to next year's Kumoricon or to donate it. If you are not able to do so, we completely understand and we will begin the refund process for those who request one using the form linked above. Refund requests will be initiated within two weeks of form submission.

While we are sad about this turn of events, we have been planning a lot in the last few months to be prepared for multiple outcomes. On the same weekend as Kumoricon 2020 was supposed to be held, we will be hosting a digital event called DigiKumo! Stay tuned for more information as we turn our full focus toward preparing for the online event.

We want to thank the entire Kumoricon community for maintaining the love for Kumoricon even through the uncertainty of not knowing whether we would have an in-person event or not. Each and every one of you has such an important role in what makes Kumoricon what it is, whether you are an attendee, staff, exhibitor, artist, small press, panelist, guest, or anyone else at our con. With your continued support, we will come out of this stronger and better than ever! We could not do it without you.

Everyone already registered for Kumoricon 2020 regardless of badge type will be receiving an email with the above options and instructions for each. Thank you all for being an amazing community, and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2021!

* To donate a registration means that the attendee relinquishes their Kumoricon 2020 registration. It will not automatically transfer, and they do not require a refund. If they wish to attend Kumoricon 2021, they will have to register for the event again when registration is available.

** Must have purchased an adult or VIP membership to qualify. Child memberships can be donated, but they will not qualify to receive the "Heart of Gold" pin and will get a sticker instead.

What does this cancellation mean for roles other than attendee?

Artists/Exhibitors/Small Press

Much like attendee registrations, by default, all exhibitor booths that have been paid for Kumoricon 2020 will be automatically rolled over to the 2021 convention. If you would like to do this, you do not need to take any action. Those who allow their booth to roll over to 2021 will be given a free booth tier upgrade where applicable, by request only and on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who cannot attend the 2021 dates and would like a refund can request one by August 16, 2020, by emailing the KumoriMarket team at exhibits@kumoricon.org. We will still be accepting exhibitor applications. Please see our exhibitors page for details.

For artists waiting to find out if they've been accepted into either Artist Alley or Small Press, we will not be accepting any applications we have received for 2020. We understand that stock, skill, and circumstances change over time and we would like to give all our applicants an equal opportunity for admission, so we will be asking that artists reapply in 2021.

All accepted and paid exhibitors will be listed and promoted on our website as part of a digital KumoriMarket. The top 120 Artist Alley and top 20 Small Press applications (from our 2020 juries) will also be listed and promoted similarly. We will contact those accepted applicants via email with further details.


Kumoricon 2020 staff positions automatically become Kumoricon 2021 positions, and are extended in duration for an additional year so that they end shortly after Kumoricon's new 2021 dates. This means that your Kumoricon 2021 staff position may last for up to two years. If you registered as Kumoricon 2020 staff, then you are Kumoricon 2021 staff, unless we tell you or you tell us otherwise. Staff applications currently in progress will be treated as applications for 2021 staff.

An exception to this is Kumoricon board positions. Directors and Officers have annual terms and our bylaws call for an election each year, even in the event that the con is postponed. Therefore, we will hold an election around the December timeframe. We expect this election will be held online and are figuring out a fair, transparent, and private way to hold an online vote for our staff.

DigiKumo, our new online event, will have a separate staff sign-up process that is independent of staff positions for Kumoricon 2021. Kumoricon convention staff do not automatically become DigiKumo staff.

Contest Entrants and Panelists

The only contest currently open is our AMV Contest. Entries for the AMV Contest will remain valid, and we will continue to accept entrants up to the September 1, 2020, deadline. This AMV contest will be held at DigiKumo rather than the new 2021 dates. Panel applications for DigiKumo will be opening very soon. Any other contests that are happening will be announced as information is finalized for release.

Additional FAQs

What will happen to my hotel reservation?

All reservations made through the booking link on our website or within our room block at the Hyatt Regency Portland at the Oregon Convention Center will be cancelled automatically. For all other reservations you will need to contact the hotel or booking source you reserved with to cancel your reservation.

How will my membership be transferred to 2021?

No action on your part is needed. Unless you indicate otherwise, your membership will be transferred automatically to 2021.

What if I registered for a younger badge type, but I will be at the next age tier for the 2021 dates?

Happy birthday! You will not need to pay the difference. Your badge type will match the age you are as of the new dates.

Why not just postpone the event a few months instead of an entire year?

Postponing a huge event like Kumoricon is very difficult, both logistically and financially. Additionally, there is no guarantee that waiting a few more months will improve the situation around COVID-19 enough to where we could safely hold a convention. Postponing Kumoricon all the way to 2021 is hard, but it is the most safe and straightforward option.

How do I donate $45 to Kumoricon for the exclusive pin if I don't want to donate my membership?

Stay tuned! We will have an online avenue to do this soon! This step will not be required for those who are donating their membership purchase for the pin.

Have the prices changed for Kumoricon with this postponement?

The prices themselves have not changed, but the dates each price tier change will be different. See the changes below:

  • The $50 tier will be reactivated and run through December 5, 2020.
  • The $55 tier will now run from December 6, 2020, through May 1, 2021.
  • The $60 tier will now run from May 2, 2021, through October 23, 2021.
I purchased my membership at the $55 price after it changed in May 2020, but now the price is $50 again. Will I receive a refund for the difference?

Attendees who pre-registered at the $55 price prior to the postponement announcement will receive an automatic refund of $5. These $5 refunds will be initiated by July 31, 2020.

I have another question not covered here.

Please visit our contact us page for a list of relevant emails you can reach out to.