Kumoricon 2017 - October 27-29

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Small Press

The Kumoricon Small Press welcomes freelance artists and creators by providing space to sell their personal works at the convention. Small press is defined as independently-developed businesses that do not feature fan art. This includes companies that focus on fashion apparel, tabletop games, web comics, or plushies.

Applications closed as of June 25.

Applications are not first-come, first-served. Applications received by the deadline will be chosen without regard to when they were submitted.

Full tables are available at $300. Each full table will come with two memberships (badges) to the convention. Two additional memberships can be purchased for $50 (or $35 under age 13). To comply with legal requirements, all small press vendors are required to have a Portland Business License. Temporary registrations are available.

Artists seeking to participate in Small Press should not register as attendees at this time, but instead, apply to Small Press using the form below.

Please read this important information before applying: Small Press is intended to be a showcase of independent businesses and original art (not fan creations based on industry characters). You many only display, distribute, or sell items which are original creations of the artist(s) at the table.

If you have any questions, please email smallpress@kumoricon.org and we will be happy to assist you.