Small Press


  • Friday, November 17: 10am–6pm
  • Saturday, November 18: 10am–6pm
  • Sunday, November 19: 10am–4pm


KumoriMarket mapKumoriMarket map


1101KumoriMarket Staff Control Booth
SP 809Alex Ahad o_8
SP 908The Art of Lori Collins
SP 821Blulious
SP 819Briarpatchpumpkin
SP 815Chibi Yeti
SP 920Curoie
SP 831Daphne Art and Comics
SP 825DarkChibiShadow
SP 912Dewdrop Arrrt
SP 918Flair Fighter
SP 924JellyPinch
SP 833Mazamuno
SP 932Micknagerie
SP 914Mint Tea Menagerie
SP 926Munespice
SP 930Nisnow Studios
SP 906TalisX
SP 807Tanpopo House
SP 813Weird Works
SP 827Zombie Makeout Club


The Kumoricon Small Press welcomes freelance artists and creators by providing space to sell their personal works at the convention. Small press is defined as independently-developed businesses that do not feature fan art. This includes companies that focus on fashion apparel, tabletop games, web comics, or plushies.

Applications closed as of May 10. Notifications of acceptance, decline, or waitlist status to applying artists have been sent as of July 15. If you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to assist you.