Kumoricon 2022 – 20 Year Celebration
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Small Press

The Kumoricon Small Press welcomes freelance artists and creators by providing space to sell their personal works at the convention. Kumoricon defines the Small Press section as independently-developed artist businesses featuring original content. This includes companies that focus on fashion apparel, tabletop games, webcomics, plushies, and much more!

Applications have closed as of May 7, 2022. Notifications of acceptance, decline, or waitlist status to applying artists have been sent as of June 20.

Application Jury Process

Kumoricon's 2022 Small Press is juried. The jury process begins following the close of Small Press applications. Notifications of acceptance, decline, or waitlist status to applying artists have been sent as of June 20. The Jury Process is based on (in order of importance):

  1. Adhering to the Small Press rules and guidelines based on information in the application (incomplete applications are disqualified)
  2. Variety of products/offerings/artwork (categories of many types)
  3. Professionalism and completeness of portfolio

Artists should be ready to provide:

  • Basic contact information, including an up-to-date email address
  • Examples of work through photos or videos of booths at prior events (this is highly preferred), DeviantArt/YouTube tutorial/websites with example art, or any online link that gives examples of work.

Pricing and applications: Full Small Press spaces include 2 full weekend memberships (valued at $90–$140), and will have a cost of $350 for standard booths ($300 base fee plus $50 corner value). For Kumoricon 2022, all Small Press booths are "corner" booths, meaning at least two of its four sides are open.

Small Press booths are 10-foot by 10-foot corner booth spaces with 8-foot tables with a 2-foot width and two chairs. Each artist booth comes with 2 full weekend memberships to the convention.

Small Press is intended to be a showcase of independent businesses and original art (not fan creations based on industry characters). You may only display, distribute, or sell items which are original creations of the artist(s) at the booth. These original creations may not include, as any element of their design, intellectual property not created by the artist(s) at the booth. If your portfolio or website contains fan art (used for other events or artist alleys that allow it), please acknowledge that, if accepted as a Kumoricon 2022 Small Press exhibitor, you will be omitting the fan art in question from sales in the "additional information" section at the bottom of this application. Failure to do so may result in your application being automatically declined.

If you have any questions, please email small.press@kumoricon.org and we will be happy to assist you.