Kumoricon 2019

Kumoricon Ticketed Event Pre-Sales

Raindrops on Roses Lolita Tea Party Ghost Neko's Purranormal Maid Café

Event informational pages:

Online pre-sales close November 10. After this date, tickets may be available at the convention, subject to availability.

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Do I need to be a Kumoricon attendee to attend these ticketed events?

Yes. You must have a valid Kumoricon badge for the day of the event you are attending.

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes, you must have your valid, government-issued photo ID to enter these events. For details, please see the policy for ID for picking up your badge at the convention at the registration page.

Will tickets be available at the door to each event?

For the Tea Party and Maid Café, tickets or reservations will be available if they do not sell out prior to or during the convention. Tickets will be sold both prior to each event (during the convention), as well as at the door. All such sales will be at the DoubleTree by Hilton at the Pacific Northwest Ballroom.

For the Sake Tasting, half of the tickets are reserved for at-convention sales only. Available tickets will be at the Programming Booth only, not at the door at the DoubleTree.

Can I pay by credit/debit card when buying special event tickets at the convention?

For the Tea Party and Maid Café, yes. You can pay by credit/debit card or cash.

For the Sake Tasting, we're sorry, but card payment is not available at the convention.

Can I only pre-purchase an event ticket if I already pre-registered for Kumoricon?

You can choose to register for Kumoricon either by pre-registering online by the pre-registration close date, or by registering at the door. (Registration at the door is at the Oregon Convention Center.) Whichever you choose, you must have a valid convention badge by the start of the ticketed event.

After I pre-purchase tickets, do I need to bring anything to the event?

Please bring your valid Kumoricon badge and valid, government-issued photo ID.

How do I register for Kumoricon?

Please see the convention registration page. After convention pre-registration closes, convention registration is available at-the-door.

What are the rules and policies for each event?

Each event has its own policies, including a strict dress code for the Tea Party, and an age 21 requirement for the Sake Tasting. Additionally, the general convention code of conduct applies. Please see the following:

If I hold VIP membership, can I reserve a Maid Café session if it is sold out?

Five seats per Maid Café session are reserved for VIP members, even if the session shows as sold out. For more information, please contact

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