Kumoricon 2019

Contests and Sign-Ups

Cosplay Frame Template

Download and fill in this cosplay frame template to show off your plans for the convention!

cosplay frame template

AMV Contest

AMV Contest – Accepting entries until September 1, 4:30pm. (Entries are now closed.)

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay Chess – Accepting entries through November 2. (Entries are now closed.)

Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest – Accepting entries through November 8. (Entries are now closed.)

Cosplay Lip Sync Showdown

Cosplay Lip Sync Showdown – Enter online through October 13. (Entries are now closed.)

Fan Art Contest

Fan Art Contest – The Kumoricon Fan Art Contest will accept entries either online or at the convention. Entries are due November 16.

Fan Fiction Contest

Fan Fiction Contest – The Kumoricon Fan Fiction Contest will accept entries either online or at the convention. Novel entries are due October 24, and others November 15.

Fashion Show

Fashion Show model application – Kumoricon is seeking models for the fashion show! Accepting applications through October 11. (Entries are now closed.)

Fashion Show make-up artist / hair stylist application – Kumoricon is also seeking make-up artists and hair stylists for the fashion show! Accepting applications through November 11. (Entries are now closed.)

Karaoke Contest

Karaoke Contest – Enter online through October 31 or on Friday at the convention. (Entries are now closed.)

Mascot Contest

Mascot Contest – Here's your chance to make your work a part of Kumoricon. Accepting entries through September 15. (Entries are now closed.)

Photoshoot Sign-Up

Photoshoot Listing and Sign-Up – Submit your photoshoot or cosplay meet-up here! Please note that photoshoots are arranged by attendees and not considered part of official programming.

Pro-Bending Tournament

Pro-Bending Tournament – Sign up through November 9, or before all spots are filled. (Entries are now closed.)

Panelist Application

Panel Form – This form allows you to apply to run a panel or event at the convention. Our schedules are built on these forms, so they are mandatory for all persons running a panel. This form is due no later than August 23, 11:59pm. After the deadline, all panel forms will be reviewed, and applicants will be notified via email whether or not their panel was accepted. Space is limited, so panels are approved selectively. Submitting a form does not automatically approve your panel. Your panel is only final if and when you receive written approval from the Panel Manager or Director of Programming. (Applications are now closed.)