Kumoricon 2022 – 20 Year Celebration
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Contests that have concluded entries for 2022:

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Event Sign-Ups and Rules

  • Art Show – Applications closed Oct 28
  • Autographs – Our updated autograph processes. We are using a hybrid system. Some guests will have paid autographs and other guests will have free autographs.
  • Escape room – Sign-up will be available at the convention
  • Event Reservations – Some at-con events may require no-cost, at-con reserservations using a text message system.
  • Ghost Neko's Purranormal Maid Café – Pre-purchase your seat reservation through Nov 9
  • KumoriBall: Heroes and Villains – Formal dress code is required – Song requests closed Nov 4
  • Panel: Extremely Hard Take-Home Anime Quiz – Complete and turn in at or before November 12 at 12:00 noon.
  • Photoshoot listing and sign-up – Our photoshoot submission form is currently offline, but you can announce your photoshoot in our Facebook group.

Presenting a Panel


  • Artist Alley – Applications closed on Apr 24 – Welcomes amateur and professional artists to showcase their work and original merchandise; traditionally favors fan art prints, manga, models, paintings, and novelty crafts, but is limited only by your imagination
  • Exhibitor Area – Applications closed on Sep 7 – Space for retailers and other dealers selling a wide range of goods at the convention
  • Small Press – Applications closed on May 7 – Welcomes freelance artists and creators; independently-developed artist businesses featuring original content (no fan art), often focusing on fashion apparel, tabletop games, webcomes, plushies, and much more

Industry and Press

  • Industry membership application – Online applications closed Sep 30 – Industry badges for professionals in the anime, manga, gaming, and other related industries
  • Press membership application – Online applications closed Oct 31 – Press badges for applying and qualifying venues
  • Partner Tables – Applications closed Oct 14 – Low- or no-cost option for cultural groups, fan groups, conventions and events, and local organizations
  • Sponsorship options

Donating to our Charities

Online Community

Volunteering and Joining Staff

Kumoricon is an organization designed, staffed, and held together by volunteers. Everyone who puts their time and effort into the production of this convention is a volunteer—from the board of directors and executive staff of Altonimbus Entertainment (our corporate name and the company that presents Kumoricon), to the people who come to the convention every year and help out with line control or helping attendees check in.

Joining staff: Within Kumoricon, when we say "staff", what we mean is somebody who takes on a position with a title, is a voting member of Altonimbus Entertainment, and has the right to vote at membership meetings. By working the convention to fulfill all the requirements of a certain position, they receive access to the convention, a Kumoricon staff T-shirt, many other fun opportunites, as well as the benefit of being a part of an incredibly loving team of anime fans dedicated to putting on a great show!

Volunteering: There are a lot of people within our community who, while loving our convention and wanting to get involved, simply do not have the time to donate or the energy to be a full-on staffer. There are also people who love the convention intensely, but have no desire to be a part of the overall corporation/organization that makes the convention run. They may not have personal opinions about the day-to-day runnings of the convention before and after it takes place and so they don't feel the drive to become a member. And that is A-OK! Contact us at volunteers@kumoricon.org and watch this space for more expanded volunteering information.

For staff and volunteers, we can assist with college work experience programs and signing for volunteer hours.

  • Open staff positions – Browse the entire convention org chart
  • Staff application – Start here to help choose a position or apply if you've already selected one
  • Membership meetings – Open to the public; meeting schedule and minutes for previous meetings
  • Staff registration – Further details about what it means to staff and how the registration process works
  • Staff membership policies – Code of conduct, staff contract, and policies on harassment, conflict of interest, and handling disputes
  • Staff website – Log in if you are current fully registered staff

Attending the Convention