Event Reservations

Entry to some convention events, including the no-cost autograph sessions, may require an advance, at-con reservation.

Events that require reservations will be marked in the Guidebook app and on signs posted outside rooms.

How to use the system

Event reservations may be made starting when you pick up your badge, and will be first-come, first-served.

Event reservations may be made by sending a text message to 201-597-5897 with the posted event code and your first name. You must use the phone number that you used in your Kumoricon registration. If you need to change the phone number you are using or would like to make reservations without using your phone, you can do so in person at the Info Booth.

This phone number only sends automated replies to texts and is not human monitored. This phone number will not respond to any messages or accept reservations until Thursday of the convention.

Reservation limit

Each attendee may hold 2 event reservations at a time. When you attend an event that you reserved, your limit is freed up.

We may increase or decrease the 2-reservation limit during the convention based on crowd and demand levels.

Paid autograph sessions do not count toward your limit in this system.

Add a reservation

Find the event code in the Guidebook app or room signs:

add 5379 amy

Replace 5379 with the event code. Your first name lets us know who in your family the reservation is for if multiple attendees share the same phone number.

add 5379 amy beth cathy

If multiple people in your family share the same phone number, list more than one person to reserve them at once.

Cancel a reservation

remove 5379 amy

This will free up your limit.

We will text you and require a response code for verification of removals.

Swap a reservation

To swap a reservation, first make the new one, then cancel the old one.

The system will let you briefly exceed your 2-reservation limit to do a swap.

List your reservations

list amy

We'll text you a list of your active reservations.

Is your event full?

More spots are made available the morning of each event at 6am, and then on each hour, until the event starts.

Reservations are first-come, first-served. There is no random drawing or chance element.

At your reservation limit?

From 60 to 30 minutes before an event start time, a reservation doesn't count against your limit.

A standby line will form 30 minutes before most events, and text message reservations will close at this time.

Having trouble getting the system to recognize your name?

Please be aware of the following:

  • The system only recognizes people who have checked in and picked up their badge.
  • Use your first name only, not first and last name.
  • Uppercase or lowercase doesn't matter.
  • If your name has an accent, you can type it with or without the accent.
  • If your name a hyphen, apostrophe, or other symbol, you can either type the symbol or leave it out.
  • If your first name has a space (it is two words), leave the space out (run the words together).
  • If your preferred first name is different than the first name on your ID, use your preferred first name.
  • If there are two people sharing a phone number with the same first name, the Info Booth can help you change one of the names by adding an initial so the system knows which person you're making the reservation for.

Will all event reservations fill up right away?

We are doing the following to help ensure that people have opportunities to go to the autograph sessions and events they desire and that all spots don't all fill up right away:

  • Attendees are limited to 2 reservations at a time (limit subject to change based on demand levels), which helps keep some spots available.
  • A portion of available spots for each event are held back and only released for reservations at 6am the morning of the event, and then again each hour that day until the event starts.
  • Standby lines are available that do not require an advance reservation.