Kumoricon 2019

Autograph Passes

Autograph policies are subject to revision. Please visit this page closer to Kumoricon 2019 for our finalized autographs policies.

All autograph sessions require an advance pass, which will be distributed by random drawing earlier in the day. Distribution sessions are usually two hours in advance, but are sometimes earlier. Please check the schedule for exact times. If not all passes are given out during the distribution session, then the remaining passes will be available first-come, first-served, at the autograph session.

Step 1 – Enter the autograph pass drawing

  • To enter the random drawing for a pass, you must arrive at the drawing line during the 30-minute entry period. This will usually be between 2 and 2.5 hours in advance of the autograph session. The schedule for the autograph pass drawings will be included on the programming schedule. No late arrivals will be accommodated.
  • Every autograph session has its own separate drawing session.
  • All attendees who arrive within the 30-minute entry period will have an equal chance at drawing a winning pass. (When the line is closed, we count the number of people in line, and only then, start the drawing.)
  • The slip that you draw will immediately show whether you have a winning pass or not.
  • Sometimes, separate drawing sessions for more than one guest are held at the same time. When this happens, you must choose which one to enter—you can't enter both.
  • Winning passes are divided into two priority groups. There are approximately 80 "Group A" passes which receive first priority, and approximately 40 "Group B" passes which are time-available waitlist passes which are served after all "Group A" passholders.
  • Passes are free, and no purchase is required to enter the drawing.
  • Passes cannot be given away or sold. We will record your badge number or name on your photo ID at the time of drawing a winning pass.
  • If you win the drawing, your winning pass is only for a single person, not your entire group. However, if you choose, you may immediately assign your winning pass to another person who is standing with you in your group. Once assigned at time of drawing, the winning pass cannot be transferred.
  • We will not replace lost passes.
  • Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to end a drawing early or cancel a drawing session.
  • Need accessibility accommodations? Please read below: Disabilities accommodations

Step 2 – Attend the guest signing session

  • To enter the signing line, you must hold a winning pass from the drawing for that guest, date, and session time. You must also present your valid Kumoricon 2019 badge.
  • In case not all passes were given out at the distribution session, then the remaining passes will be available first-come, first-served, at the autograph session.
  • We apologize, but members of your group who do not hold winning passes cannot stand in line with you, except for parents/guardians accompanying minors, or persons providing disabilities assistance.
  • Passholders may arrive at the signing session line up to 30 minutes early.
  • There are separate lines for "Group A" and "Group B" passholders. "Group A" passholders receive first priority.
  • Late arrivals may enter the line, but may receive lower priority, even if holding a "Group A" pass.
  • We apologize, but if you miss the signing session for your pass, it cannot be transferred to a later session.
  • Although we intend there to be enough time to serve all "Group A" passholders and some "Group B" passholders, due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances or guest emergencies, we cannot guarantee any passholder will receive an autograph. We apologize, but we cannot transfer your pass to a different session in this situation.

Autograph rules

  • All autographs are at the guest's discretion. We cannot guarantee an autograph from any specific guest. Guests have the right to refuse to autograph anything or for anyone at their individual discretion. Some guests may have special requests: no photos, only one item, etc.
  • Autographs are limited to 2 free autographs per person. Gifts, photos and recordings are included in the 2 item limit. Items for guests to sign must be official, licensed products (no bootlegs). Fan art is acceptable for some guests; please confirm with autograph staff before you reach the guest. Guests may have merchandise or prints available for purchase while at the session, at their discretion. Please have items ready for autograph or payment ready for making a purchase when you are near the front of the line.
  • Guests may refuse gifts, photos, or recordings individually or entirely at their discretion.
  • To provide a fair signing opportunity to all attendees, please limit your time with a guest to one minute or less.
  • You may take photos while your guest signs your items, but to save time, we ask that guests don't pose or pause for photos. A member of the Autographs staff can take a photo for you while your item(s) is signed.
  • No touching guests without permission. Ask first for hugs, handshakes, etc., and respect that a guest may be sick or tired, or have some other reason for not wanting to give hugs.
  • The following gifts are prohibited: gifts of homemade food, gifts of pre-packaged consumables that have been opened, or gifts of pre-packaged consumables with tampered packaging. All consumable gifts must be pre-packaged with visible seals intact, without exception. If you have a consumable gift, you must present your gift to a Guest Relations handler for approval, prior to presenting the gift to a guest.
  • Please remember that items to be signed or gifts must follow Kumoricon policies, such as props and weapons. Please review our Code of Conduct if you have questions about if your item would be allowed.

Disabilities accommodations

  • If you require disabilities accommodation, either for the random drawing line, or for the autograph session, please inform Kumoricon staff prior to entering the random drawing. A certain number of passes are set aside for a drawing for those requiring disabilities accommodation.


General Q&A

How many items can I have signed?

We limit everyone to 2 free autographs. You may bring items with you to be signed, purchase items from the guest, or have your Kumoricon badge or convention book signed.

Can I pay for extra items to be signed?

Guests may have merchandise for sale during their autograph sessions which can be purchased in addition to the 2 free autographs.

Will guests have posters, prints or other items for me to purchase?

Guests are welcome to have their own merchandise for sale and will have prices listed at their sessions. Kumoricon does not control or benefit from these sales and has no involvement in setting prices.

Will guests have a booth in the Exhibits Hall?

Some guests may have a booth where they hold additional signings. While we try to make sure we can list all of these opportunities on the schedule, information on a guest's additional signings may not be available until the convention. Kumoricon does not control or benefit from any sales at a guest's booth and has no involvement in setting prices or signing times.

Will artists and cosplay guests have signings? What about sketch sessions or photo ops?

Each guest is different. Please keep an eye on schedule announcements for any special guest events.

Only 120 passes per session? How did you get that number?

The number of passes is based on our past experience with how quickly autograph lines move, how fast a guest is at signing, demand, the length of the session etc. This is the same average we've been using to cap autograph lines in the past, so the number of people getting autographs won't be changing.

Does the 120 passes include the accessible signing passes?

Yes it does.

If there are accessible signing passes left over for a session, can I have one if I do not require disabilities accommodation?

If there are fewer attendees holding accessible signing passes in line when it closes than there are passes, A or B group passes may be substituted and added to the regular drawing.

How early can I line up for a session if I have a pass?

30 minutes prior to the session's start time.

Can my friend/significant other line up with me?

Due to space constraints, only the passholder may stand in the autograph line. The exceptions being parents/guardians accompanying minors, and attendants for persons with disabilities.

What if I "split" my pass? I get one item signed and my friend gets the other item?

Again, each person in line must have their own pass. You are more than welcome to have a friend get something signed for you if they have a pass. But you both cannot stand in the line.

What if I miss my session? Can I go to another for that guest?

No, passes do not transfer or roll over to another session if you cannot attend or miss the session.

If some people with passes don't show up, will the staff let more people into the autograph line?

No, we will not hand out additional passes, or open up the autograph line for those without passes.

I am only attending to get _______'s autograph. Can't I just attend that session, since it's the only reason I'm coming to the con?

Unfortunately that would be unfair to other attendees hoping to get an autograph from that guest. We suggest looking into purchasing a VIP membership, which allows you to attend a special VIP signing. More info on VIP memberships can be found here.

Autograph Pass Q&A

When do I line up to draw for an autograph pass?

Drawing times will be listed on the schedule for each session, generally this will be two hours prior to the start of the autograph session. The line for autograph passes will be open for 30 minutes, then the pass drawing will start.

Can I re-enter the pass drawing line if I didn't draw a pass the first time?

No, the line will only be open for 30 minutes. Once the line is closed the line will not be re-opened unless the number of people in the line is less than the number of passes available for that session.

Can someone hold my place in line for the pass drawing?

No, you must be in the line when it closes in order to participate in the pass drawing. This is to avoid confusion as to who is in line and who is not.

What happens if there are more passes left after the random drawing?

If this happens passes will be handed out at the Autograph Pass Booth until 30 minutes prior to the session start time, or until all passes have been handed out.

Can I trade my pass, or give it to someone else?

At the immediate time that you draw a winning pass, you may choose to assign your pass to another person who is standing in line with you. Once assigned at time of drawing, the winning pass cannot be further transferred. We will record the badge number or name on photo ID of the person winning the pass or to whom the pass is assigned.

If someone gives me a pass and I already had one for that session can I get more things signed?

No, passes are limited to one per person, per session.

How long will the drawing take?

It depends on the number of people in line hoping to draw a pass. We will move the lines as quickly as we possibly can once the drawing begins.

Photograph Q&A

Can I get my picture taken with the guest?

To make sure we get through as many people as possible, we ask that guests don't pose during the autograph sessions. If you would like a photo taken, a Kumoricon staff member will be able to take pictures while the guest is signing for you. We do request you ask permission before using flash for photographs.

What about photo ops?

Kumoricon does not offer comic con-style photo ops with guests at this time.

VIP Autograph Session Q&A

I'm a VIP. Can I attend the regularly scheduled autograph sessions?

Absolutely! However, VIPs do not get priority access during the normal autograph sessions, and if choosing to attend a non-VIP session, must participate in the random pass drawing. For a more exclusive autograph session with our Guests of Honor, please attend the VIP autograph session.

Will all VIPs get autographs from all guests?

While all guests are encouraged to participate in the VIP Autograph Session, sometimes due to scheduling constraints it is not possible for every guest to be present. In some cases we can allow VIPs access to a guest's other signing if they cannot be present at the VIP signing. All guests that will be participating in the VIP Autograph Sessions will be announced with the programming schedule.

Do I need a pass for the VIP session if I'm a VIP?

No, your VIP badge will grant you access to the VIP autograph session.

Can I get a photo with a guest at the VIP signing?

Photos are at the discretion of the guest during the VIP signing.

Can my non-VIP friend join me at the VIP session if they aren't getting an autograph?

Unfortunately to avoid confusion and to assist with making sure every VIP member is accommodated within the VIP session we ask that only VIP members attend the VIP autograph session. If you have a parent/guardian, or ADA attendant that does not have a VIP membership, please contact for more information.

When will the VIP signing be?

The time of the VIP session will be announced with the rest of the programming schedule.

Disabilities Accommodation Q&A

Do I need to get a pass if I require disabilities accommodations?

Yes, there will be a separate drawing for accessible signing passes. You'll need let the autographs staff in the autograph pass line know that you require accommodation so you are participating in the correct drawing. You will still need to line up during the 30 minutes that the pass line is open for the session you wish to attend.

What if I have a disability that prevents me from standing for long periods of time? Do I still need to wait in line to get a pass/the autograph line?

Please let an autograph staffer know that you need accommodation and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What do I need to do if I get a pass?

Proceed to your autograph session no more than 30 minutes prior to the start time with your autograph pass. Attendants for persons with disabilities are permitted to accompany the pass holder. If you require additional assistance, please make that clear to the autographs staff in the autographs area. Please visit the Operations Office for further disability accommodations throughout the convention.

What if accessible signing passes run out for the session I want to attend? Can I still go?

Unfortunately, accessible signing passes are limited per session. This is to help accommodate as many people as possible for each session. The accessible signing pass line will be run simultaneously to the pass line for A and B pass types, thus you will not be able to enter the other line once you have had your chance to draw for a pass in the accessible signing line.

Staff Autographs Q&A

Please visit the Staff Autographs Q&A (staff login required) for more information on staff autograph sessions.

Other Questions

If you have further questions which are not answered above, please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you.