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To the Registrants Asked for More Info

Posted January 14, 2007

Those of you who registered during the first tier were in fact asked to supply additional information. Our ISP does not allow bulk mailing from kumoricon.org addresses. (We tried, really. 🙁 ) Rather than writing over 100 emails separately, I used my personal account to send out the requests. If you do not reply with the missing information, your badge will not be processed. I personally apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but the birthdate/ emergency contact information requested is vital to proper registration.

Those of you who are still leery of replying, please send the information to chair@kumoricon.org.

This is our first year mailing out badges, and our first year not requiring Convention Guardians. We really appreciate your patience as we smooth out the bumps in our registration process. In the end, you will be able to walk through the door with a simply flash of your badge and ID.
The registration form is now correct, so this only affects those who received an email. Again, I thank you for your assistance and patience.

Meg Uhde
Convention Chair
Kumoricon 2007