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Welcoming Returning Guests: The Anime Hunters and Slightly Anime

Posted July 1, 2011

Kumoricon welcomes two cosplay groups as returning guests to our 2011 convention: The Anime Hunters and Slightly Anime.

The Anime Hunters are back for Kumoricon 2011 to bring you more cosplay-flavored entertainment! For those of who you do not know The Anime Hunters, they are a 4-person online comedy group made up of Yatta Dante (Dane), Yatta Cloud (Zach), Random Dancing Kid (Jeremy), and Chibiroth (Cassie). They have completed their first season, and will be showing their new episode of the second season at their daytime panel. Also, for those of you who are 18+, they have a special treat at their midnight panel… something they’ve never done before!

Slightly Anime is an anime convention-based entertainment group, starring members Keith, Amanda, David, and Tim. The group has won “Best of Show” at the very first Kumoricon, “Best of Show” and “Best Professional Skit” at Sakura-Con, as well as others. Slightly Anime has run major cosplay competitions, hosted panels about cosplay and life at conventions, and most notably, put together the “Slightly Anime Dating Game” for 7 years now. Slightly Anime will present the ever-popular Slightly Anime Dating Game, including a special 18+ version in the late evening, and host the Hall Cosplay Awards as they roam throughout the convention.