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Disko Warp Presents Kumoricon 2010 Official Pre-Party

Posted August 17, 2010

Disko Warp Presents Kumoricon 2010 Official Pre-Party
+ “Anime Love Hardcore” Official CD Release Party!

Because one Kumoricon party is not enough!!

Ground Kontrol [Google Maps]
511 NW Couch
Portland, OR 97209

Free!!!! 21+

If you’re getting into town for Kumoricon early on Friday night, or live in town, Disko Warp is throwing an official Kumoricon pre-party at Ground Kontrol! This is a good chance to meet up with your friends and have a drink before the craziness of the con starts. Come show off your cosplay, play some classic arcade games, watch some crazy anime, have a beer with your friends and shake it to the sweet sweet sounds of these hardworking DJs:

Initial P (Disko Warp / Anime Love Hardcore)
Happy Cutecore/J-Core/Speed-Trance/Eurobeat/Gal Trance

Graz (Reactionary/Donut Nook/Breakpop)
Breakcore / Happy Hardcore

Foxdye (Reactionary/Chickenhed)

Also check out the official launch of Disko Warp’s brand new CD “Anime Love Hardcore”, produced by Initial P!

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Disko Warp Presents Kumoricon 2010 Official Pre-Party!! +Anime Hardcore CD Launch