Staff Registration Agreement

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Last updated January 4, 2024.

This agreement is signed upon registration.

By signing, you are registering for voting membership in Altonimbus Entertainment ("we", "us"), and pledging a commitment as a volunteer staff member for Kumoricon 2024, which may include at-con duties as well as out-of-con duties at other times of the year. Your registration (both for voting membership and for staff status) only takes effect when we ratify it, after you meet the registration requirements (see below). Voting membership status is governed by the bylaws of Altonimbus Entertainment. Staff status may be terminated at will by either you or us. Unless notified otherwise, your staff status lasts through the end of the 2024 convention, and may include post-convention wrap-up duties for some positions. We will notify you of the conclusion of your staff duties on or before your exact staffing end date, which will vary based on your position. Your staff status does not automatically renew for Kumoricon 2025. While you are staff, you are expected to follow the full staff policies, which we may amend without prior notice. You must also uphold your confidentiality obligations past the duration of your staff status in order to remain in good standing with us. Your contractual rights and obligations will not be changed without your affirmative consent.