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The Umbrella: Late Night Lounge

The Umbrella: Late Night Lounge

Kumoricon is excited to announce the introduction of our premier anime bar, The Umbrella: Late Night Lounge, featuring a custom drink menu designed around our Guests of Honor as well as your well classics. Cash and credit cards are accepted. You must be age 21+ to enter, so have your ID ready!

Hours of Operation

  • Friday: 10:00pm-2:00am
  • Saturday: 10:00pm-2:00am

Featured Drink Menu Coming!

Late Saturday night, join Ciarán Strange and WE ARE THE CHAOS for a bawdy British sing-a-long acoustic show! Ciarán Strange requests to borrow you tonight in The Umbrella for some bizarre tour tales and hilarious musical parodies! D&D dudebros, Pokémon GO!, #LGBTQProblems, con horror stories, and road trip blunders—nothing is off the table as the British punk and his crew share.