Kumoricon 2016 Photos: Day 3

Conspace Wandering

20 Years of Pokémon!

Adventures in American and Japanese Publishing (Dark Horse / Oni Press)

AMV Overflow Show

Anime Viewing Room

Ask on Titan 2016—School's in Session

Caitlin Glass Interview

Chibi Room General

Chibi Room: Coloring

Chibi Room: Japanese-Style Fans

Chibi Room: Koi Fish Kites and Dragon Wind Spinners

Chibi Room: Lanterns

Coloring Fan Art

Cosplay Repair

Craft Room

Dolly Making

Eric Vale is Not Himself Q&A

The Forgotten Fandom Support Group


Hangover TV with D.C. Douglas

How To Wig

Japanese Field Day

K-Pop Dance Medley

Karaoke Open Mic

Kendo Demonstration

Kieran Strange Interview

Kumihimo Making

Lessons in Public Speaking (a.k.a. Austin Stares At You While you Talk)

Merchandise Booth

Neeko Interview

Uncle Yo's Identity and Steven Universe

Closing Ceremonies

Dead Dog