Kumoricon 2016 Photos: Day 2

Conspace Wandering

The Anime Hunters: Anime Dating Game: Late Night

Anime that Scarred Me for Life


Belly Dance Fusion

Building Gundam Models: Basic Techniques

Building Gundam Models: Advanced Techniques

Captain America: CIVIL DEBATE

Chibi Room: Woodblock Paintings and Cards

Chibi Room Open Art

Chibi Room: Origami


Conventional Improv Presents: CI! Live! After Dark

Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Correction Power, Make Up!

Cosplay Repair

The D.C. Douglas Notorious Erotic Fanfic Show

Danganronpa—Court Is in Session!

Dolly Making

Durarara!! Ask Panel

Eric Vale: Anime Ruined My Life

Exhibits Hall

galaxxxy Fashion Show

Female Protagonists Kicking Butt


Heroes for Hope—Cosplay with a Cause

Inking Fan Art

JET Alumni Association of Portland

Karaoke Open Mic

Kieran Strange Presents: The Naughty Corner

Kumihimo Making


Late Night Cosplay Chess

Late Night Horror Stories

Legend of Korra Pro-Bending Tournament