Kumoricon 2016 Photos: Day 1

Conspace Wandering

Opening Ceremonies

The Anime Hunters: The Anime Dating Game

The Anime Hunters: So You Want to Be a Let's Player?

Anime Song Parodies

Armor and Weapon Prop Making

Meet Austin Tindle Q&A

Austin Tindle's Raunchy Shakespeare


Build A Boffer Workshop

Caitlin Glass: So You Think You Can Voice Act?

Chibi Room – General

Chibi Room: Lantern

Chibi Room: Woodblock Paintings and Cards

Conventional Improv Presents: Game Show Mania!

Conventional Improv Presents: CI! Live!

Cosplay Repair

Meet D.C. Douglas

Dance Lesson: Cha Cha

Dance Lesson: East Coast Swing

Dance Lesson: Rumba

Dance Lesson: Slow Waltz

Dolly Making

Draco and Harry: A Very Potter Panel

Exhibits Hall


Get Your Head in the Game: An Anime Sports Panel


Japanese History Through Anime

Karaoke Open Mic

Kieran Strange: Owning Your 15 Minutes: A Crash Course in Stage Presence

Kieran Strange: So You Wanna Be Internet Famous?

Kieran Strange Live Concert


Lolita 101

Tea and Cake Society Lolita Fashion Meet-Up

Manga Library

Operations Office


Programming Office


So You Want to Enter a Cosplay Contest?

Soul Eater: Meister Madness!

Undertale: The Panel

Where Fanfic Goes to Die: Oldies but Goodies

Women in Video Games