Kumoricon 2019

Exhibits Hall

The Kumoricon Exhibits Hall provides space to retailers and other dealers selling a wide range of goods at the convention.

Applications are now open and will close on or before Monday, September 30, at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Applications may close early if all spots are filled.

We will notify applicants as they are accepted throughout the application period, so earlier applicants are given greater consideration.

2019 booth rate options

  • $700 per 10-ft by 10-ft Premium booth. Premium booths are located with the closest proximity to the KumoriMarket entrance/exit, in comparison to all exhibitor booths. Sold out!
  • $650 per 10-ft by 10-ft Standard booth. Standard booths are located in the middle sections of the Exhibits Hall section, but are not in close proximity to the KumoriMarket entrance/exit or along the back walls. Sold out!
  • $550 per 10-ft by 10-ft Discount booth. Discount booths are located along the back walls of the KumoriMarket and are the furthest from the entrance/exit.
  • $50 additional fee per corner booth. A corner booth is any booth that has walls on at most two of its four sides.
  • $100 additional fee per endcap booth. Endcap booths are two corner booths.
  • No additional fee per inline booth. An inline booth is any booth that has walls on at most three of its four sides.

To comply with legal requirements, all exhibitors are required to have a Portland Business License. Temporary registrations are available.

Exhibitors seeking space in the Exhibits Hall should not register as attendees at this time, but instead, apply to the Exhibits Hall using the form below.

Please see our new Exhibits Hall Application FAQ for answers to frequent questions. If you have any additional questions, please email and we will be happy to assist you.