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DigiKumo Registration

Register now for DigiKumo, our all-online convention!

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What do I get access to by registering?

Most DigiKumo events will be streamed directly from the Kumoricon website. DigiKumo streamed events will require a DigiKumo login.

People registered for DigiKumo will also get access to additional channels on our Discord server during the event.

What does DigiKumo cost?

DigiKumo is a "pay what you want" event. When you register, a slider starts with a suggested donation of $5. You can adjust this amount up or down. A donation is not required to register. We appreciate your support. Gaining access to age 18+ content (if you are over age 18) requires a donation of at least $1.

Contributions help cover costs of running the event, including streaming video costs, guest of honor appearances, and more. DigiKumo is a production of Altonimbus Entertainment, an all-volunteer organization registered as an Oregon nonprofit. Please be aware that your contribution is not tax deductible, as Altonimbus does not have federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Can I register multiple people for DigiKumo?

Yes! The DigiKumo registration form registers one person at a time. You may repeat the registration process for each person.

What dates are DigiKumo?

DigiKumo will be held November 6–8, 2020, the original dates of Kumoricon prior to postponement.

Event hours are to be determined. An exact event schedule will be posted closer to DigiKumo.

How is DigiKumo related to Kumoricon?

DigiKumo (our online convention) is a separate event with separate registration from Kumoricon (our annual in-person convention). Because Kumoricon 2020 was postponed to 2021, we are holding an online convention instead on the original dates.

Pre-registration for Kumoricon does not automatically register you for DigiKumo.

I'm not receiving the verification email to begin registration.

Please double-check the following:

  • Verify that you have entered your complete email address.
  • Check your spam folder. Emails will be sent from registration@kumoricon.org.
  • If you are still not receiving it, please email registration@kumoricon.org for assistance.
I want to register but don't have a Discord account yet.

No problem! Linking a Discord account is optional, and you don't need a Discord account to watch DigiKumo content. A Discord account is only required to participate in chat with other attendees.

You can leave the Discord tag field blank when you register for DigiKumo. Later, if you have a Discord account, you can log in to the DigiKumo website and add your Discord tag. You can also change your tag if you need to.

If I am staff, do I need to register for DigiKumo?

Because our staff accounts and DigiKumo accounts use separate systems, please register for a DigiKumo attendee account, even if you are staff. A donation is not expected if you are staff (but always welcome!). You will be given access to age 18+ content without donation if you register with the same email address as your staff account, and if you are age 18 or over.

I have another question that isn't answered here, or I need help with something.

We'll be happy to assist you! Please email registration@kumoricon.org.