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In light of our postponement of Kumoricon and all of the other events that have had to cancel or postpone this year, we have decided to host a digital event on our original dates! This will be a 3-day event and held entirely online! During this event, we will be streaming content directly on our website! At DigiKumo, you can expect a little bit of everything! We will have cosplay, gaming, panels, music, and more! There will be a community-focused Discord server opening soon to interact with each other before and during DigiKumo. This event will be free to attend, though there will be a $1 charge to access 18+ content as an additional step of age verification. Keep an eye on this page as we update when new information is announced!


DigiKumo will feature a variety of live and pre-recorded panels. The majority of panels will be streamed directly from our website, though some live content may move to our Twitch channel. (Applications have now concluded. The video upload form will open shortly for approved panelists.)

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All exhibitors that were accepted and paid for the original 2020 event at the time of cancellation will be listed and promoted on our website as part of a digital KumoriMarket. The top 120 Artist Alley and top 20 Small Press applications (from our 2020 juried applications) will also be listed and promoted similarly. We will contact those accepted applicants via email with further details.

Featured Guests

Currently we do not have any announced guests for DigiKumo, but they will be coming! Once we announce, you'll find all our guests listed here for easy reference.

Events and Cosplay

There will be multiple cosplay events and contests you've come to know and love. With events being cancelled or postponed in 2020, we wanted to make sure you all had a place to show off your amazing cosplays.


We will have a public Discord server for our community to hang out and chat in. This will be used throughout DigiKumo for discussion during panels, games, and more! Right now we are still dusting up the finishing touches, and we'll have this available for use soon!


DigiKumo has a separate staff sign-up process that is independent of staff positions for Kumoricon 2021. Kumoricon convention staff do not automatically become DigiKumo staff, and the position list has some differences between DigiKumo and Kumoricon. If you are interested in staffing for DigiKumo, the DigiKumo staff application is now open. If you want to work a different role for DigiKumo, or if your role is not available and you need a different role, please review the available DigiKumo staff positions.