AFK Room (Away From Kumo)


  • Friday: 8am–11:30pm
  • Saturday: 8am–11:30pm
  • Sunday: 8am–6pm

Kumoricon's Away From Kumo (AFK) Room is a quiet room for all attendees who need to step away from the hubbub of the event, and decompress or relax. The AFK Room is located in Rooms G129–G130 in the Ginkoberry Concourse of the Oregon Convention Center (OCC). This is within the OCC's free Wi-Fi zone. In this room, you can work, write, think, chill out, or even doodle as long as long as your activities don't make noise. You are welcome to use electronics as long as they are on silent and do not make noise to use, including loud keyboards and headphones. Please refrain from holding conversations with others in the room, listening to music that can be heard by others, and making phone calls. If you and someone else in the room want to chat, please step out of the room. In the event others are talking or making noise in the room, and you are comfortable reminding them of the rules, please do so. Otherwise contact staff by texting our Yojimbo team at (971) 232-1342 or emailing


  • Relax
  • Rest your head
  • Use electronics that are quiet
  • Write/draw/doodle
  • Silent crafts
  • Music at a low volume with headphones where only you can hear


  • No sleeping
  • No food
  • No music that can be heard by anyone other than you
  • No conversations in person or on electronics
  • No noises from electronics, including loud keyboards