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Applications for Secretary and Treasurer [Updated]

Posted December 19, 2022

Update, January 2: The annual board meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, January 8, at 8:30pm PST.

We would like to formally solicit applications for the two board-elected members that will sit on the board of directors for the 2023 convention year:

Secretary: Duties include keeping a record of the minutes of each board and membership meeting, handling Kumoricon's correspondence as necessary, focus on policies and procedures, staff development and training, and giving notices for membership and board meetings.

Treasurer: Duties include collecting dues, maintaining the organization's financial records, delivering financial reports annually or when requested by the board, and maintaining the organization's banking and bank accounts.

Duties for both involve attending membership and board meetings and helping the board operate as a company.

These positions will be voted upon by the seven member-elected directors: Chair, Director of Infrastructure, Director of Membership, Director of Operations, Director of Programming, Director of Publicity, and Director of Relations.

To apply, please email a brief application to board.elected@kumoricon.org explaining what you believe you would bring to the position. Please include your previous convention work, as well as any other information you would like to present such as an informal resume.

These positions will be elected at the annual meeting of the board (date and time to be determined) on Sunday, January 8, at 8:30pm PST.

Please send your applications as soon as possible. Applications received on the last day (once a date has been announced) may not receive as much consideration as those received earlier. During this time, we may attempt to contact you to ask interview questions.

Applications will be acknowledged by email upon receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours, please attempt getting in contact in an alternate manner to make sure it was received.

This is not a formal nomination process; the board may elect anyone it chooses, including people not on the public suggestion list. You do not need to be listed publicly as a suggestion to apply.