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Update on COVID-19 Health Checks

Posted November 12, 2022

We wanted to address the health check and line situation at the event. First of all, we are deeply sorry for the wait, and any confusion caused by lack of adequate signage. We knew there would be additional needs to support our policy changes surrounding COVID-19, and we had done a lot to prepare for those needs. In the end, a lot of our preparation fell through at the eleventh hour. We have been doing our best to handle situations as they arise. We understand the frustration, and it is completely valid. However, please bear with us as we continue to try to work through an unexpected record high attendance in addition to lack of staff leading up to the event.

While there are many factors that have affected the preparations we made, instead of listing excuses, we want to communicate what we have been working on to make immediate improvements:

  1. We have been working with the on-site testing center through Curative to see if they can extend their hours. They were able to extend their hours on Saturday, but at the last moment we heard they were not able to accommodate Sunday hours, which is one of the reasons we are making this update today.
  2. We are now accepting home tests. We prefer you take the test on-site as they are more accurate when taken within a short window of being reviewed. Pictures of the at-home tests will not be valid; we will continue to need them to be in hand.
  3. Our Board of Directors has approved the immediate acquisition of at-home tests to help accommodate Curative not being open as long or as late as we had hoped they would be.
  4. The Oregon Convention Center has worked with us to offer Hall D of the convention center for people to take the at-home tests so people don't need to stand out in the cold for the testing, especially once Curative is closed. Hall D can accommodate the size we need for these health checks and allow us the room to be better organized as we complete these checks.

Our recent updates to the at-con COVID-19 safety guidelines have proven effective by early detection of positive cases prior to entry into convention space. Due to our next steps listed above, the reorganization of lines and flow of con traffic, and potential of inclement weather, we are restructuring our processes for the rest of the weekend.

Moving forward, health checks will be conducted in Hall D of the Oregon Convention Center. Once the convention opens for the day, all attendees without a health check wristband need to go to Hall D with the exception of those requesting accessibility accommodations. There will be 4 lanes in Hall D:

  1. Staff/Specialty/VIP
  2. Those with vaccination cards
  3. Those with negative test results (from a testing provider)
  4. Those who have not yet been tested:
    1. Curative is open: Attendees will be tested by Curative as long as they are open and able to perform tests.
    2. Curative is closed: Attendees will be tested under staff supervision in line in Hall D.

Once someone has passed their health check and received a wristband, they will go to registration to pick up their badge.

In recognition of Friday's difficulties, we have started offering a 10% discount at the Kumoricon merchandise booth. This will continue all weekend. With the improvements listed above, we will continue working to provide a safe space for everyone.