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Important COVID-19 Update

Posted November 6, 2021

Hey Kumo Fam,

We have some important information we feel it's our responsibility to share. One of our staff has tested positive for COVID-19. The information was found out due to an abundance of caution in our procedures. This staff member was not in a primarily attendee-facing position and only had contact with a small number of staff. All persons who have come in close contact with this staffer have been informed and have been tested. Currently, we have received no further positive results.

This staffer has since taken a second, and third, rapid test, which have both come back negative. Regardless, we are still treating this very seriously, as this does not necessarily mean they do not have COVID-19, but may have a low viral load. This staff member was vaccinated (which can sometimes weaken the virus in breakout cases), was asymptomatic, and was diligent about wearing their mask at all times in public space.

We have informed our guests out of our sense of responsibility and our concern for their safety, and will honor whatever decisions they make in order to feel safe. You may see changes in scheduling and content due to this information, and we will do our best to update our schedules as soon as we have information. Please keep an eye on our website and Guidebook.

As a convention, our priority has always been our attendees' and staff members' safety. While we are aware of the impact this will have on our convention, we knew we had the obligation to inform you all.

For any questions about next steps, please understand that we've already resolved this situation with all persons involved, in addition to being understaffed while hosting a convention, and we may have to respond after the show is over.