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Launching Our New Patreon

Posted April 2, 2021

Kumoricon is getting a Patreon!

Subscribe for early looks, exclusive gifts, and to be included on votes about upcoming events. Check it out!

A Patreon for a con? Don't you already get money from attendees?

Yes! And we're so grateful to all our attendees. Our Patreon is an optional additional way to support Kumoricon as we work to bring more year-round content to all of you. Despite all the bad that's happened during this pandemic, it has given an us an opportunity to experiment with digital content and think about how Kumoricon can evolve beyond just being a big event once a year.

What do I get for being a Kumoricon Patreon subscriber?

All sorts of things! We think we've created some pretty cool tiers and we'll be working to make them even better. Check out the page for exact details.

If I subscribe to the Patreon do I still need to pay to attend Kumoricon?

We're creating this Patreon to support our efforts to bring content in between Kumoricon primary events. Subscribing is optional (but very appreciated!) and separate from primary event attendance.