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Staff Area Launched

Posted March 8, 2007

The staff area of the web site has now launched. Officially registered staff members have each received an email message containing a username and password to access the area. You can log in by clicking the “Staff” button on the left sidebar.

If you have not received this email, it might be because of one of the following reasons:

  • Your email address has changed since you submitted your registration form.
  • Your email address was written incorrectly, or we transcribed it incorrectly.
  • There is a problem with your mail system receiving the message. (The message will be sent from wordpress@kumoricon.org.)
  • You have not actually registered as staff. (You are not considered official staff until submitting the form signed by your director.)
  • Forms submitted after the February meeting might not have been entered yet. We will create accounts for these shortly after the March meeting.

If you have not received the message about your staff account but are registered staff, please email webmaster@kumoricon.org and include your name and the email address that you want to use with the staff account (if you don’t specify, we’ll assume it’s the email address from which you sent the message). If you know that your email address has changed, please include the old address also. Thank you!