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Thank you for attending Kumoricon 2009!

Posted September 22, 2009

Kumoricon 2009 is over! ;_;

We know, most of you are at home right now, sad that another year of fun, games, events, and friends has passed.

We’d love to thank all of our attendees, who came once more (or for the first time) to join in our weekend festivities.

Some of the highlights of this year included our international AMV contest, the extremely popular sake tasting panel, live yaoi readings by Jason Thompson and Carl Horn, and of course the marriage proposal during closing ceremonies (she said yes!). Also, this was the first year that we went 24 hours, so we hope you stayed up late and checked out some of our new events!

As always, the staff were absolutely amazing. Many staff members worked sixteen hour shifts, slept for a few hours, and then got right back to work. Kumoricon would never survive without its dedicated staff.

Lots of charitable attendees showed up for this year’s charity auction and we have raised another $3787 for p:ear! We can’t wait to give them their check.

We are still tabulating our final attendance for this year, but we appear to show a small growth from last year. So don’t forget to pre-reg early, because we may need to cap again! We’re simply too popular for locations in Portland.

This year was a learning experience in our new location, challenging us with a new layout and capacity limits on certain floors, but we’re working very closely with our staff and with the hotel to take what we’ve learned this year and make big improvements for 2010.

And if you’re sad another year has come to a close, be sure to check out all our mini-events this year as well as come visit us at other events, like the Festival Japan at Uwajimaya on September 26-27!

We’ll be back next Labor Day Weekend, September 4-6, 2010.

See you next year!