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Schedule and Registration News

Posted August 28, 2009

With the convention barely over a week away, we have some exciting news:

First, the entire schedule has been posted online. Download the pocket guide, and view online descriptions of every convention event. Check out the event map, hours, exhibitors, artists, a map and index of local food and stores, and everything else you want to know about the convention. The number of event rooms is huge this year, with more to do than ever before.

Schedule page (Download the pocket guide here!)
Hotel page (Find event and food/area maps here.)

Second, for the first time, Kumoricon is a 24-hour convention. The fun never stops with things to do every moment of the day. Panels and dances run late, viewing rooms are open 24 hours, and several gaming rooms are open 22 hours a day.

Third, our registration hours are longer than ever before. Arrive as early as 4pm on Friday, the day before the convention, to either check-in if you pre-registered, or to register at the door. That’s right—for the first time this year, even if you didn’t pre-register, you can arrive on Friday to register for the weekend. Show up early to reduce your wait! Be ready and checked in when the events start at 8am Saturday morning! To help move the line, registration opens at 6am on Saturday.

Please see the registration page for very important information on what you need with you to check in, and details on our policies.