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Announcing Kieran Strange and KIERAN Project 2015 as Guests of Honor

Posted August 13, 2015

Kumoricon is proud to present a concert featuring Kieran Strange accompanied by her Japanese ensemble band, KIERAN Project 2015. This concert marks a milestone for Kumoricon with the KIERAN Project 2015 members acting as Kumoricon's first Japanese Guests of Honor. We welcome Kieran Strange and KIERAN Project 2015!

Visit Guests of Honor for full information on the performers, and Kumoricon's other guests of honor for the convention.

Kieran Strange photo
Kieran Strange
Seiji Fukada photo
Seiji Fukada
Jun Mochizuki photo
Jun Mochizuki
Katsuya Sakurai photo
Katsuya Sakurai
Yasutaka Nakajima photo
Yasutaka Nakajima