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Announcing Guest of Honor Patrick Seitz

Posted June 3, 2015

Kumoricon is pleased to announce a returning guest of honor, Patrick Seitz!

When he’s not busy playing Love Live: School Idol Festival, Patrick Seitz gets paid to voice guys who (A) yell a lot, (B) wear an eye-patch, (C) have an accent, or (D) sport a cool haircut. Have your doubts? His anime credits include Gamagoori from Kill la Kill, Franky from One Piece, Laxus from Fairy Tail, Keith from Attack on Titan, Motochika from Sengoku Basara, Senji from Deadman Wonderland, Isshin and Kenpachi from Bleach, and Germany from Hetalia.

He must get some secret thrill from watching his books/movies/games backlog grow impossibly long, because Patrick also does script-adaptation and ADR directing. If you’ve seen shows like Steins;Gate, Romeo x Juliet, or Space Dandy, he done writ some of them words—or, in the case of Summer Wars and Wolf Children, all of them words!

Visit our Guests of Honor page for full details!