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Looking for cosplay groups and artists for weekends in June and August [updated]

Posted June 3, 2009

Post update: Updated dates to reflect cancellation of July 4-5 weekend.

Kumoricon will be running stage activities and an exhibitor table at the Dragon Moon Festival the weekends of June 6-7 and August 1-2.

We have a half-hour cosplay skit planned Sunday afternoon but are looking for more skits. If you are a cosplay skit group please contact us as we’d love to have you.

Kumoricon also has the opportunity to bring artist tables to the festival. If you would like to host a table during the weekend and sell your work, please contact us. Another possibility, if you are unable to staff a table for the weekend, is for Kumoricon to sell prints of your work and pass on the proceeds. Talk to us for arrangements.

The Dragon Moon Festival is a three-weekend Asian cultural festival this summer in Portland’s Old Town Chinatown. Check out our forum thread for complete event details, and our meet-up thread if you’d like to come in cosplay and meet with other attendees.