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First Guests of Honor Announced for Kumoricon 2009

Posted January 20, 2009

We are pleased to make our first announcements for guests of honor at Kumoricon 2009:

Soul Candy – an “otaku rock” cover band consisting of talented musicians who are also otaku—big anime fans. As such, they specialize in playing songs and music from your favorite anime series. Hailing from the Seattle/King County area in Washington, Soul Candy is quickly being recognized as a formidable performer in various conventions, rock shows, and festivals. They look forward to get a chance to play for fans of similar interests at events such as Kumoricon.

Last Stop Tokyo – founded by current members of The Slants, who also happened to be former members of San Diego pop punk heroes The Rockaway Teens: Simon Young and Johnny Sars. Joined by AC Slayer (of The Gentry and also formerly of The Slants) and Aaron Sixxx (of Stranger’s Six fame), they are Last Stop Tokyo, a straight up punk rock & roll machine with catchy hooks, driving guitar riffs, and an in-your-face attitude.

Svetlana Chmakova – born and raised Russian, and came to Canada at the tender age of 16. She finished high school here, then graduated Sheridan College with a three-year Classical Animation Diploma and is currently a freelance artist, as well as a fledgling North-American equivalent of a manga-ka. She has been in a love-hate relationship with comics and manga for several years now because she is too weak to break it off. Popular titles include Nightschool and Dramacon.

Watch our Guests of Honor page for more announcements as the con approaches, as well as more details and photos of our current guests.