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The Slants TV Opportunity

Posted January 12, 2009

Fans of Kumoricon and of Portland’s Asian dance rock band, The Slants, who have been a twice-previous musical guest of honor at Kumoricon, have a chance to join a studio audience for a TV appearance on January 31:

“We (The Slants) got the green light to invite a limited group of friends to the filming session on January 31st in Portland for “Oregon Music Live” (which will be broad casted across a few Comcast Access channels).

This will be a fun, intimate setting where you can watch the Chinatown face-melting action up close and personal. Crazy, excited behavior such as singing and dancing strongly encouraged. Cosplay, Lolita, or whatever you likeā€”be yourselves and represent who The Slants rep!

If you want to attend, filming will take place on Jan. 31st at 4pm. Just let us know if you want to come and how many so we can reserve a spot for you! Email theslants@theslants.com ASAP!!!”