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Welcome to Kumoricon 2008!

Posted October 31, 2007

Welcome to the new Kumoricon 2008 Board of Directors!

Facilities Liaison – Rian Mueller
Secretary – Ryan Stasel
Treasurer – Eric Teitzel
Vice Chair – Dawn Hewitt

Director of Relations – John Krall
Director of Publicity – Jeff Tyrrill
Director of Programming – Jaki Hunt
Director of Operations – Jess Shelton
Chair – Mike Andrews

We’ve already been working hard to make the next convention the best yet. We will also be hosting smaller events during the year so keep checking back to stay informed on current happenings!

The first general meeting will be in the Salem area on Sunday, the 11th of November. We will announce the exact location here shortly. General meetings are open to the public and intended for potential and current staff and volunteers. On this date, we will open online pre-registration for Kumoricon 2008, and open staff registration at the meeting.