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Attention! Video Gaming Has Moved!

Posted September 2, 2010

Due to an unexpected change in events, the hotel has asked us to move video gaming to an alternate location. Console and computer gaming will now be held below the Dealers Hall in the sub-basement level of the Main Tower!

For the average attendee this means that you no longer have to walk over to the Executive Tower during the convention! There will no longer be any programming occurring at the Executive Tower. What this also means is that you will need to know, before you arrive at the convention, how to get down into the Valet Level (sub-basement) event space.

Simply take the south stairwell (located near the elevators and front desk on the Lobby Level, or through the spa area on the Plaza Level) down to the sub-basement level where a yojimbo will be ready to let you in to the now over 6000 square foot gaming destination! This space is much bigger than our original location and that means more spectator space.

To exit the gaming level, simply take the far stairwell up to the dealers level and head out as you would from the Dealers Hall. If you need assistance in either of these (if you are wheelchair-bound or have trouble with stairs) please contact the hotel front desk or a yojimbo who can contact the hotel for you directly for special assistance. Unfortunately the elevators do not access this level.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact hotel@kumoricon.org and I will try to direct you to the correct information. This change will be posted at the registration desk, the
main lobby, the Executive Tower and in all the hotel rooms.

We appreciate your flexibility as we deal with these unforeseen issues and can’t wait to have a great convention this year!

Ally Fields
Facilities Liaison