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Entire Convention Schedule Posted

Posted August 21, 2010

The entire event schedule for Kumoricon 2010 has been posted online.

You can browse in three different formats.

The most comprehensive view is the events list. View all events grouped by category with a description of each one. New this year, the event’s date, time, and room are listed directly within the description, so you don’t have to cross-reference the schedule.

The tabular grid format lets you see at a glance when all the events are. Hover your mouse over the text (or on a touch device, touch the text) to see the event’s full description.

Both of the above will be updated in real-time up to, and duration, the convention, if events are added, moved, or canceled.

You can also download a PDF version of the printed pocket programming guide. It is available in full resolution [PDF, 58MB], and reduced resolution [PDF, 4.0MB].