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Kumoricon’s Mini-con!

Posted July 21, 2007

Saturday, August 11th, we are going to put on a little shindig to complement our next general meeting. We have three rooms of space, all day Saturday, and—besides using one of the rooms for stuffing the envelopes for the tier 3 prereg badge mailout (8AM-2PM) and for the general meeting (same time as usual, 2PM-5PM)—we will fill the space with video games, karaoke, AMVs, anime viewing, and whatever you guys feel like trying to cram in! Everything starts at 10 AM [note: updated start time] and continues through 10 PM at least, although we will stop things for general meeting formalities.

For us this is a chance to to work the kinks out of our untested systems before the con, so please be patient if anything goes wrong. For you, we hope this will be a chance to relax and have fun and enjoy what we can offer.

Anyone who already has a badge or is registered as staff can attend this little event for $5. Anyone who doesn’t have a badge or isn’t signed up as staff as of before the meeting can get in for $10. We are accepting manga for a generous discount of $5 off your entrance—that means if you have your badge and you have a manga you get in at no additional cost, or if you don’t have a badge but you brought two books, you get in free!

(We are only accepting manga to supplement our library for Kumoricon so please bring some cash just in case we already have too many of whatever manga you bring and cannot accept yours. Please no NewType or Monthly Shonen Jump.)

We will be deploying our new registration system at the door, but we will only be able to accept cash or checks (or manga).

You can attend the general meeting and the envelope-stuffing at no charge, but we will be asking to see your admission at the doors of any other room.

Please see this forum thread for news, updates, and questions.

We hope to see you there! Bring your DS.